DALSTRONG Paring Knife Gladiator Series

If you want a knife that is comfortable to hold yet agile in maneuverability, then DALSTRONG Gladiator Series paring knife is what you should hold in your eager hands. Designed to perform precise cuts and massive chops, you will never feel the burden of heavy kitchen work using this blade. Chefs all around the world prefer it over all other knives. Besides, many families that while the quality time around their kitchen also concur that this particular knife brand has made their infirmity with their kitchen more intricate. So why is the blade loved all over the world with most professional chefs selecting it as the best paring knife?

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Key Features

High-quality construction

It is made from premium material. The critical component comprises a high-carbon German imported stainless steel. This robust material reinforces the physical characteristic of the knife making it as hard as a sword. The blade is of carbon filled stainless steel blade with the laminated hardwood makes for a sturdy knife. The handle is further reinforced with three secure pin rivets, using high-quality stainless steel braces. Lastly, the bolsters and tang are fully set to enhance comfort and handling while protecting your fingers from fatigue.

World class engineering

The Gladiator knife brand boasts a world-class ThyssenKrupp German steel. The raw materials used in this plant is meticulously sieved and ground to perfection. The plant further possesses excellent and patented production processes. The craftsmen are highly trained and have a tradition of unparalleled hand-made craftsmanship. Further, a lot of research and development takes place at every step of the production, which ensures quality process throughout the line. The end product is definitely a top quality knife.

Long history

Another reason why you should revere Dalstrong lies in the long tradition of the manufacturer. With decades of cutlery production experience and hundreds of dedication steel smiths, you can count on this top quality knife.

Extra sheen

The elegance and beauty of a Dalstrong Gladiator knife are amazing. The blade and bolster are hand-polished to a gleaming satin. The laminated pakkawood timber insulates the handle. Similarly, the reinforced cutting edge is ground to the maximum razor sharpness. All these elegant mirror finishes are intended to prevent the knife from rusting, staining, corroding, or discoloring even under high kitchen temperature and acidic juices prevalent in most fruits and vegetables.

Protection sheath

Inappropriate storage is one factor that affects the longevity of any knife. Luckily, this is not the case of any Dalstrong knife. Each blade comes with a high-quality and durable protective sheath. The sheath is made from composite plastic compounds that are free from the harmful BPA elements. This precaution ensures that the knife is entirely sterile both during use and even when stored.


  • Ribbed spine for a comfortable grip
  • Hand-polished blades and handle for easy cleaning
  • Razor-sharp edge for quick cuts
  • Stain-resistant materials for longevity


  • Expensive than competing brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it come with a warranty?
Certainly, the Dalstrong knife comes with a lifetime warranty.
What’s the size of the blade?
The knife measures 3.5 x 0.09 x 0.94 inch and weighs 3.68 ounces
What’s the knife made from?
It comprises high carbon and chromium stainless steel blade. It has reinforced and forged cutting touch as well as imported and laminated hardwood. These are all highly polished to increase sharpness and comfort.
Why is the blade angled?
The blade angled at 15 degrees. This bend makes incisions and spiking accurate and discreet on any food materials needing inspection and testing.  Besides, the angle allows for effortless slicing of delicate leaves.
How do I identify a good Dalstrong knife?
Knowing a genuine Dalstrong knife is easy. First, look for a Dalstrong lion logo in the middle rivet. Secondly, the blade also features an engraved Dalstrong long. Finally, the warranty form ensures that you fill in the details submit your warranty certificate to authentic Dasltrong dealers.


DALSTRONG Paring Knife Gladiator Series
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Over seventy-five thousand chefs have chosen and used Dalstrong Gladiator knife over other cutting implements. This considerable number should make you think – why? There are numerous reasons for this.

The quality materials used for its products, coupled with the excellent craftsmanship maybe some of these reasons.  But then the world-class production facilities, the knife’s reliability, and durability, as well as a lifetime warranty, should seal your doubts. Why else should you seek additional conviction?

Maybe follow the social media and the verified purchasers’ testimonials to learn more about how this particular knife performs in real life and make the right decision.

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