Dash DEC012BK Deluxe Rapid 12-egg cooker Review

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If versatility is the most important factor for you when buying an egg cooker, we recommend Dash DEC012BK Deluxe Rapid model. It has a 12-egg capacity. It is suitable for boiling, poaching, making an omelet, and scrambled eggs. Furthermore, this egg cooker is a real chameleon because it is suitable for steaming seafood and vegetables too.

Dash DEC012BK Deluxe Rapid 12-egg cooker Review

Key Features

12-egg capacity

Dash is well-known for excellent small kitchen appliances and this egg cooker is not an exception. It is a great choice for medium to large families who adore preparing their eggs each morning. Its 12-egg capacity will satisfy everyones needs.


This Dash egg cooker model is suitable not only for eggs but, as already mentioned, for seafood and meat. It has three egg boiling options: hard, medium and soft. You also get a recipe book which will enrich your cooking ideas.

Auto shut off feature

This Dash egg cooker comes with an auto shut off feature connected to the timer. In this way, you will never deal with poorly cooked or overcooked eggs again.

Double-decker tier

This model is designed as a two-level cooker. In this way, you can cook 6 eggs on the lower level and steam some delicious seafood on the upper. It saves your time and energy.


Dash never misses electronic and technical details of their appliances. Similarly, this egg cooker is equipped with good and easy to use the timer. We recommend using it with the auto shut off feature.

1-year manufacturer warranty

The manufacturer guarantees a 1-year warranty.


  • Multifunctional
  • 12-egg capacity
  • Poacher feature
  • Convenient timer
  • Auto shut-off option
  • Buzzer
  • Trusted brand
  • 1-year warranty
  • Omelet-maker
  • Good for scrambled eggs
  • Good for steaming vegetables
  • Suitable for steaming seafood
  • Comes with a measuring cup
  • Easy to operate
  • Comes with an egg piercer
  • Safe
  • Sleek design
  • Omelet tray and poaching bowl are included
  • Comes with a recipe book gift
  • Free access to the online recipe directory
  • Non-electric parts are dishwasher-safe
  • Does not take up much place.


  • Trays are made of plastic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer:No, it is not. Compared to other models with this capacity, we can say that Dash made a lightweight device. It weighs 1.8 pounds. Furthermore, despite being suitable for preparing 12 eggs, this appliance does not require lots of space. It is compact and elegant.

Answer:It takes around 16 minutes to prepare 12 hard-boiled eggs.

Answer:After you set the program/mode or time, i.e. turn your timer on, the auto shut off feature will stop boiling the eggs once they are done. However, the buzzer keeps on notifying you until you turn the device off.

This is suitable for people who do multitasking in their kitchen and dont keep an eye on the egg preparation process. With this advanced technology, you will always have perfectly cooked meals.

Answer:Yes. Each buyer gets the omelet tray, poaching bowl, and a recipe book. Furthermore, you get a free access to the online recipe directory.

Answer:Yes. As they are perfectly boiled, it is very easy to peel them. Just be careful as they come out very hot.

Answer:Yes, you can. The double-decker feature allows you preparing 1-6 eggs on the lower segment and an omelet on the upper. Or, you can poach eggs and steam some seafood at the same time. It is a very convenient and time-saving device.

Answer:The device comes with an egg piercer. You can find it at the bottom of the measuring cup, as usual. However, if your measuring cup gets broken or you want another one, you can always order spare parts from the manufacturer.

Answer:Yes, it is. The trays can hold the XXL-sized eggs without any problem.


Dash DEC012BK Deluxe Rapid 12-egg cooker is perfect for versatility and saving your precious time. It accommodates up to 12 eggs, it is suitable for poaching, making an omelet, scrambled eggs, as well as steamed vegetables and seafood. Its double-rack system allows combining two different meals at once. It is definitely one of the best medium-to-large capacity egg cookers in the market.