De Buyer MINERAL B Round Carbon Steel Fry Pan

What do you expect in a frying pan? It should fry, of course, but it should also be compatible with your stove, nonstick in nature, good quality material, a tight and strong handle and should be comfortable to hold. Every household needs a best carbon steel pan to cook and in this competitive world De Buyer MINERAL B Round Carbon Steel Fry Pan is one of the best choices one can make. Are we exaggerating? Why don’t you decide yourself by reading our blog on it?


High Quality With 99% Pure Iron

Not many frying pans are made with 99% pure Iron as it is difficult to control the weight and design of the pan. But, De Buyer pan is an exception to that. Despite having the best quality Iron in the purest form, the pan is comfortable to hold.

It is 100% Natural

Beware of mixtures or alloys with elements, which are not natural as it is not recommended for cooking. De Buyer pan is natural and it does not contain any kind of chemical coating and hazardous materials in it.


Obviously, it is durable. What is the reason you might ask? It is because the Iron is properly molded with Carbon texture. The handle used is with perfect holding angle with Iron as the primary material.


The ergonomic design looks very good as the plan has three components. A front handle, pan, and the side handle. All of them placed perfectly aligned in a straight line. Both the handles are curved, riveted and fixed on the pan with a strong cast. The pan area has proper depth and you can choose different sizes.

Perfect Nonstick Frying Pan

De Buyer MINERAL B Round Carbon Steel Fry Pan has Bee Wax coating and it is developed by DE Buyer to give proper seasoning and frying ability. Because of this, the oxidation effect is not there. Because of its dark color, the seasoning process becomes easier and it will become better with time.


  • 100% natural pan with no chemicals
  • It has anti-oxidative properties in it
  • It has two strong handles
  • Dishes can easily slide in the frying pan
  • Requires a little bit of seasoning
  • The handle is riveted and sturdy
  • Looks traditional but with an ergonomic design
  • Bee Wax is used with zero chemicals or hazardous materials


  • It is a bit Expensive
  • It is not compatible with dishwasher

Frequently Asked Questions

Which one is better? A cast Iron pan or DeBuyer Iron pan.

DeBuyer Iron pan provides better seasoning feature for you. It is very easy to clean, and light compared to the cast Iron.

Do I need to season the pan? If so, How to do it? What is the best way to do it?

Yes, you should season the pan first for better usage. By doing seasoning you will create an EPOXIDE layer and it will help you to cook properly. To do that you can use any edible oil f your choice. However, Canola and Safflower oil will be excellent as these oils help in developing the Epoxide layer.

I have an Induction Cooktop. Can I use this pan on it?

De Buyer MINERAL B Round Carbon Steel Fry Pan is compatible with an induction cooktop. You need to use the heat levels properly till the pan adapts to proper seasoning.

Is there any bottom buckling or warping?

No, do not worry about that at all. The pan is made up of strong material and as a result of that, there was no bottom buckling or warping.

As acidic items such as tomato, lemon, and vinegar affect the pan, is it safe to use?

All the pans get affected by acidic ingredients but they are not that acidic in nature. For best care, you should use oil and proper cleaning.

Is it heavy?

Yes, it is heavy. Depending on the pan size the weight varies.

Is this similar to carbon steel?

Actually, it is steel with 99% pure Iron and the rest is carbon.

What is the flat pan diameter for the 12.5-inch pan?

For 8 inch it is about 6.5-7 and for 12 it is 10.5

Is there any handle heating issue?

Yes, but not much. It conducts heat obviously.


If you are looking for the best carbon steel pan, then you should consider De Buyer MINERAL B Round Carbon Steel Fry Pan for its material used, ergonomic design, seasoning ability, different size, and coating. But it is a little bit on the costlier side but worth it.


Colin Matthews

Colin is an aspiring chef having completing his degree in culinary arts in California. His guilty pleasure is buying the latest & greatest (and sometimes, useless) in kitchen cookware and gadgets.

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