Delonghi BG24 Perfecto Indoor Grill

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The most convenient grill is the DeLonghi BG24. You get the full benefits of a highly portable thermostat, futuristic temperature controls as well as a large cooking area to enjoy your everyday cooking. What?s more, the small size allows for a perfect fit to your small kitchen countertop. The glass lid is what makes the product tick. The heat tempered glass cover helps retain food natural aroma and also helps set this particular model apart.

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Key Features:

Glazed cover

The large domed glazed cover distinguished this indoors grill from the competition. It allows you to view the food cooking progress without having to unlid it. It?s also a durable and reliable component of your grill. Another benefit of the glass top lies in its ability to retain the ideal heat range as the food cooks. This advantage, coupled with the other features helps it retain the natural food flavor and aroma as it cooks. Besides, you save much time and simultaneously conserve energy while cooking.

Perfect size

If you are a family of three, then this grill is perfect for your meal preparation. Its cooking plate measures 12 x 6 inches. This dimension offers a tray large for three large servings. Hence, you can just repeat the cooking process twice if you are six people. With the reducing kitchen space in the modern household, this size comes as a welcome relief to many homeowners striving to spare additional areas for other equally compelling conveniences. The grill fits all kitchen countertops. You can also discreetly store it in a kitchen cubicle.

Temperature control

The heavy duty and precise temperature control is another function that makes DeLonghi BG24 the best electric grill.  The temperature gauge operates from 200 degrees to 450 degrees F. Further, the dial console is precise. It uses a timer to cook under strict temperature ranges. This feature allows the device to grill food to the most specific cooker requirement, while the five-level temperature gauge supports this function even better. The controls manipulate the heat filaments below the gill for an even heat dispersion. This setup allows for even food cooking.

Easy cleaning

The glass top complements the stainless steel frame lower part. The remaining elements comprise heavy duty and BPA-free composite plastic components. All these parts are easy to clean. The brushed stainless steel prevents rust formation even after years of relentless usage. Besides, cleaning is as easy as a wet sponge and warm water. You waste no time in tiresome scrubbing. The non-stick cooking surfaces are the most susceptible parts to retain the stubborn food remains. Thankfully, the non-stick coating prevents food particles from crusting over the cooking surfaces. Hence even after making your greasy burgers, no grease is left on the surface. The discreet oil drain tray retains all excess oil. Here, the material is also non-stick allowing for quick cleaning. Luckily, all these non-stick plastic parts are dishwasher ready. So, you can clean the cooking trays and as well as the dishwasher by simply removing and dipping in the washing machine.


  • Tempered cool glass cover for heat retention during cooking.
  • Non-stick cooking surface for quick cleaning.
  • Made of light heat and durable stainless steel material.
  • Precise and reliable thermostat for even heating.
  • Small and compact size for convenient storage.
  • Five level temperature control.
  • Cool touch handles for added safety.
  • Indicator LED lights for a constant warning.


  • Quite heavy for its small size.

Frequently Asked Questions:

[mks_toggle title=” How do you asses the cooking process?” state=”close “]Many features allow you to monitor the cooking. The thermostat, the heat LED light, and the temperature console work to ensure perfect meals. [mks_toggle title=” What?s the power rating for the grill?” state=”close “]The grill uses up to 1500 watts. [mks_toggle title=” What area is dedicated to cooking?” state=”close “]The cooking area is about 72 square inch grilling surface. [mks_toggle title=” Is cooking with DeLonghi difficult?” state=”close “]Absolutely not! It has a simple procedure that you can learn within a few minutes to make excellent meals. [mks_toggle title=” How do I inspect the cooking on the grill?” state=”close “] This process is natural with the glass cover. You visually monitor the cooking. Further, the heat insulated handles allow you to open and close the lid without burning.


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