De’Longhi BG45 Electric Skillet with Glass Lid 16” x 12”

Traditional skillets are becoming a little boring with time as the people are searching for something new, which will make their lives a little easier. Because of that, many users are going for electric skillets. In the search of such electric skillets, we found one of the best electric skilled named as De’Longhi BG45 Electric Skillet with Glass Lid 16” x 12”. It has pretty much everything a chef can ask for in a Skillet. Let’s go through its features.

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Key Features

Embedded heating element

Heat is very important in the cooking process. If the heat conduction is not good, then you will not get the desired results. With an embedded heating element, this electric Skillet allows the food to cook evenly in a very quick time. Isn’t this something you want in your electric Skillet!

Nonstick Surface Provides Better Feel

Not all the nonstick surfaces give you that buttery smooth feeling you are after. This one has a very subtle nonstick surface, which has a better texture to it. Even the base of the Skillet will assist you as the best absorbing property is good. You’ll not find any hard and vigorous surface and this is a major issue in some competitors.

Detachable Thermostat

Sometimes, it is difficult to cook without knowing the exact temperature. Sometimes, you need a certain dish to cook at a certain temperature. To make your life easier, this has an adjustable thermostat, which allows you to set the temperature and then cook according to the reading.

Design is better

De’Longhi BG45 Electric Skillet with Glass Lid 16” x 12” comes with a lid and large base. The metal seems very thick. It is really heavy and has to die-cast body made with aluminum. The handle has a grip but it is not that comfortable as there is no ergonomic design.

Compatible with Dishwasher

You can just place this Skillet along with the lid in the dishwasher. As it is highly compatible with dishwasher placed at a decent price, it is a good option to consider. The Teflon surface will take some harsh conditions and withstand the heat to provide a stronger body.    


  • Pan is large and it can definitely function as a griddle for you
  • Thermostat dial is given to control the r temperature
  • Heat resistant handle with better transport feature
  • Die-cast aluminum surface and body is a huge plus
  • Tempered glass based lid for better viewing ability
  • Adjustable venting
  • This Functions as an effective buffet server
  • It is Non-stick with high-quality T and durable Teflon surface coating
  • A detachable and configurable thermostat. It also provides an adjustment option
  • Dishwasher safe even with Lid
  • For the quality, it is Reasonably priced


  • Plastic surface inside the lid is not good
  • Uncomfortable heat grip handle
  • With 9 lbs it is heavy at
  • Because of over and under heat there is uneven cooking
  • The lid needs to be fixed properly
  • Sides of this Skillet becomes way too hot and this is not good for safety

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the lid completely transparent?
Yes. With a tempered glass lid, you can expect the lid to behave like a transparent glass.
How much it weighs?
It weighs around 9 pounds. Considering the thickness of the product it is heavy.
Is it made in Germany?
No. This is a product from China. However, the quality is better compared to other skillets at the price point.
vHow to season it?
There is a simple method. Even though it is pre-seasoned, you can just wash it heat it and apply oil for better seasoning.
Is there any rough surface?
The surface of the Skillet is very smooth.
What is the thickness of the base?
There is no accurate measurement but it is definitely thick. It is better for heat absorption.
Does the handle get too hot?
The surface of the Skillet gets hot and it is sometimes difficult to lift it because of that.
Is this worth the price?
Yes. But they can definitely reduce the price in seasons.
Is there any chemical coating?
There is a possibility. As they have not mentioned about the product being chemical free.
Is there any nonstick coating?
Yes. It has a nonstick coating to it.


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De’Longhi BG45 Electric Skillet with Glass Lid 16” x 12” can transform your cooking style as this defines the best electric Skillet in the paper. It has even conduction system, a large tempered glass lid, and more importantly a well designed electric Skillet. Apart from its weight and the plastic parts, this has pretty much everything in it.

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