Diversey Break-Up Professional Oven & Grill Cleaner

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[toc] An all-rounder oven Cleaner should include a formula, which will help in cleaning the sprayed residue, thick and rigid stains, grease and other kinds of marks. In search of such product, we found Diversey Break-Up Professional Oven & Grill Cleaner, which has all the features and qualities in it to become the best oven cleaner. Why are we saying so? You can see yourself.
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SelfScouring Action

When you apply the liquid on the oven, it starts to scour the grease quickly. You can just apply it and leave it for a few minutes and do your work. When you come back, the surface will have no residue sticking to it. The cleaning is really fast and can be done very easily. The self-scouring action does not need extra gel as it is strong enough to remove the stains.

Perfect for both hot and cold oven

Many oven cleaners need you to heat the oven before you apply the gel on it. But, this cleaner does the job on both cold and hot ovens. If the oven is hot, the cleaning process will be fast. If the oven is cold, it may take a little bit of time before you see the result. Either way, it is best for cleaning oven.

Can be used on grills, glass top, porcelain, and splash panels

When you buy an oven cleaner, you expect it to clean barbecue grills, cooktops, porcelain surfaces, splash surfaces etc. This product will help you to get rid of all the greasy residue from the surfaces just with few wipes. There is no need to put a lot of effort or force on it.

Excellent Formula

This product has ready to use an ingredient called aerosol and it does not have any CFCs. This gives an additional advantage as the formula is not highly acidic. It even cleans the carbonized grease and it emulsifies the food spills, baked grease, and oil marks. Just add the gel and wipe the surface to get better results in seconds.

Professional Cleaner

As it has an excellent formula, it is considered as a professional cleaning product. The bottle or container does not have a fancy design but the gel can be protected from environmental changes. It will not dry out quickly unless there is damage to the container. Use the product as a professional cleaner to see the effects.


  • Simple, strong and ready to clean gel
  • The extra active formula can clean carbonized soil in minutes
  • The cleaner can remove stains from both cold and hot ovens
  • Grill cleaning is easier
  • It has the self-scouring ability
  • It helps in cleaning ventilating hoods
  • Quick cleaning of broilers is made easy
  • Perfect for steam table-top cleaning as well
  • Assist in fast cleaning of the griddle
  • Can clean the fryers with minimal effort
  • Cleaning of splash panels is easy
  • It has foaming, extendable and reusable spray trigger design


  • It is Slightly towards expensive in its range

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The bottle has a spray. Once you open the cap, you will see a spray with a nozzle, which has a perfect hole for gel dispense mechanism It is on the costlier side just because of its formula and bottle design. It can clean hard grease residue to carbonized soils. Not many products have this ability. Yes. They are the same. The Diversey breakup cleaner has replaced the Mr. Muscle cleaner. It is nothing but change in the branding name. When the rigid greasy stain is formed on the oven it becomes difficult to clean it. Self-scouring action first breaks the strongly held molecule and lifts the residue from the surface. This helps in cleaning the oven. No. Package includes bottles but no scrubber. Yes. You can use it on grills. Aerosol without harsh chemicals. No. Basically all are same based on the formula. For better and faster cleaning you should heat it. Sure. You can.


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