Best Double Oven Ranges for 2021 [Buying Guide And Reviews]

Double oven ranges come with an additional space that further expands your cooking options. You can create a variety of dishes and work on a couple of back-to-backs. These ovens are suitable for large families or the ones who like to try many recipes. 

We have scoured through the internet to find the best double oven range for you. And we have found that GE JBS86SPSS is the best double oven range money can buy.

It features a 6.6 cubic feet of total oven capacity and also boasts a ceramic glass top. The entire cooking range is made of stainless steel, and it will go well with your modern kitchen. Plus, it’s an affordable double oven range.

But this is not the only double oven range out there.

We have developed a list of the best double oven range reviews so that you can make an informed decision.

Read on to find about the best fit!

Top Double Oven Ranges Reviewed

Product ImageProduct's namePrimary oven capacityNo. of burnersBest ForDimensionsMore Info
GE JBS86SPSS6.6 cubic feet5Best OverallWidth: 29 7/8-inch
Depth: 28 1/4-inch
Height: 47-inch
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Whirlpool WGE745C0FE6.7 cubic feet5Best for ValueWidth: 29 15/16-inch
Depth: 26 1/8-inch
Height: 47 1/8-inch
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GE Profile PGB9606.8 cubic feet5Best Gas-Powered RangeWidth: 30-inch
Depth: 29 1/2-inch
Height: 47 1/4-inch
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Samsung NE59J7850WG5.9 cubic feet5Best for BudgetWidth: 29 7/8-inch
Depth: 25 31/32-inch
Height: 47 3/32-inch
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Wolf M Series DF48650CSP7.0 cubic feet6Best 48-inch RangeWidth: 47 7/8-inch
Depth: 29 1/2-inch
Height: 36 1/2-inch
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Whirlpool WGG745S0FS6.0 cubic feet5Best for Easy CleaningWidth: 29 15/16-inch
Depth: 27 1/4-inch
Height: 47 1/8-inch
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LG LDE4413ST7.3 cubic feet5Best Oven CapacityWidth: 29 15/16-inch
Depth: 29 15/16-inch
Height: 47 9/32-inch
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Viking 7 Series VDR74826GFW7.3 cubic feet6Best for Premium QualityWidth: 47 7/8-inch
Depth: 30-inch
Height: 37 9/16-inch
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Maytag MET8800FZ6.7 cubic feet5Best for the Bridge ElementWidth: 29 15/16-inch
Depth: 28 1/2-inch
Height: 47 1/8-inch
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Find the right Double Oven Ranges for you 

1. GE JBS86SPSS – Best Overall

If you are looking for the best double oven range, nothing goes past the GE JBS86SPSS. This 30-inch freestanding model runs on electricity and features five different radiant elements. 

The overall oven space is 6.6 cubic feet. You can cook two separate dishes simultaneously. It also comes with a smooth top made of ceramic glass. It means you can conveniently move around your pots and pans without an issue. 

The lower oven runs on convection, and you will be able to enjoy dishes that are evenly cooked from all sides. You won’t have to worry about any hot spots at all. 

Moreover, it comes with a neat steam feature, so your ovens don’t have any odors from the previously cooked meals. The smooth top features a power boil element that boasts a warming zone. There are five radiant element rings, including the power burner. 

The hot surface light indicator keeps you safe from any incidents but doesn’t feature a temperature probe. The stainless-steel construction of this unit is quite impressive. And it will last for many years provided you take care of it. 

It has a fingerprint-resistant finish, which is a bummer. You will have to wipe it clean with a wet cloth after every use. 


  • Hot surface light indicator.
  • 6.6 cubic feet of total oven space.
  • Smooth top made of ceramic glass.
  • Steam clean and Sabbath Mode.
  • The lower oven runs on convection.
  • Durable stainless-steel construction.


  • No fingerprint-resistant finish.
  • No storage or warming drawers.

2. Whirlpool WGE745C0FE – Best for Value

Whirlpool 30-inch freestanding electric range comes with five radiant burners and a total oven space of 6.7 cubic feet. The lower oven runs on true convection, and it can also conveniently handle frozen food items. 

This technology is what sets it apart from the competition. You can easily skip the preheating period and get to the cooking process right away for a faster cooking time. 

The lower section’s true convection uses a fan and the third element for faster cooking times and cooks the foods evenly from all sides. 

Additionally, this range features FlexHeat, which involves a triple radiant element. It includes a 6-inch ring and a 9-inch and a 12-inch outer ring. It helps you in placing different sized pots and pans with ease. 

This range can also automatically turn to convection by doing the math and automatically adjusting temperatures and cooking times. The oven features Steam Clean to clean the oven cavity to prevent any odors from previous cooking sessions.

It also comes with a temperature sensor and Rapid Preheat in the lower oven sections. The cooktop is made of ceramic glass, which allows you to move your cookware from one burner to another with ease. A hidden bake element in the oven cavity doesn’t expose it during the cleaning process. 


  • 6.7 cubic feet of total oven capacity.
  • Frozen Bake feature.
  • FlexHeat technology.
  • A triple radiant element.
  • Rapid preheat.
  • Cooktop made of ceramic glass.


  • The Rapid Preheat feature is only available in the lower oven.

3. GE Profile PGB960 – Best Gas-Powered Range

If you are looking for a double oven that runs on gas, GE has got your back. The PGB960 model belongs to GE’s Profile Series and is one of the best quality ranges you will find on the market. 

This freestanding 30-inch gas range comes with a total oven capacity of 6.8 cubic feet. There are five sealed burners on top, and they work well with the continuous grates. You can freely move around your cookware from one burner to another. 

This cooking range features both steam clean and self-clean to ensure that your unit remains in tip-top condition. This cooking range features an edge-to-edge cooktop available in three different finishes to help you utilize the space available at max. 

Both the ovens come with convection technology and can even cook food for you without any of those hot spots. The lower oven also features Chef Connect. It can automatically sync the time and the range elements with the vent and light of the microwave. 

You can also enjoy an ultimate cooking experience on the reversible cast iron griddle that allows you to cook six grilled cheese sandwiches. This is the largest integrated griddle that you will find in all cooking ranges. 

There is an oval-shaped burner right in the center, and it can conveniently accommodate large-sized cookware with ease. There are a couple of 18,000-BTU power boiler burners as well, and you will get plenty of heat from them for faster cooking times. 


  • Star-K certified.
  • Delay bake and Sabbath Mode.
  • Self-clean and steam clean.
  • Reversible griddle included.
  • 6.8 cubic feet total oven capacity.


  • No storage drawers.
  • No digital temperature display.

4. Samsung NE59J7850WG – Best for Budget 

The Samsung freestanding 30-inch electric double oven comes with 5.9 cubic feet. There are five heating elements present on the top. This model is available in two different finishes, and they both work well when it comes to fingerprint resistance. 

This range features a Steam Clean, which involves a cleaning cycle of 20 minutes, or you can go for its self-clean features as well if you are looking for a deeper cleaning job. It has pretty decent sizes and total oven capacity that allows you to cook various recipes easily. The oven can conveniently accommodate a larger roast and multiple casserole dishes because there are several racks inside. 

One of the best features of this range is its flexible cooktop that features five burners. These burners can conveniently accommodate different sized pans and pots. And there is a large oval-shaped burner in the middle that can accommodate even bigger cookware. 

Furthermore, this unit features Flex Duo w/ Dual Convection. It splits your single oven into a dual convection system with a smart divider. You can also use convection cooking in both ovens. It’s quite a handy feature, and you get to work on different dishes simultaneously. 

The doors of this unit close softly because they close with a whisper and not a bang. What’s more here is that Samsung has also included a warming drawer right at the bottom to keep your food warm until it’s served.


  • Star-K certified.
  • Comes with a warming drawer.
  • Sefl clean and steam clean are there.
  • Soft-close doors.
  • Flexible cooktop.
  • Flex Duo convection.


  • Only two finishes are available.

5. Wolf M Series DF48650CSP – Best 48-inch Range

If you have a pretty big space to fill in, we recommend that you go for the M Series by Wolf. The DF48650CSP cooking range is a behemoth. This 48-inch freestanding smart range runs on dual-fuel technology and also features a double oven design. 

With a total ocean capacity of 7 cubic feet and six sealed burners, the provides you with flexibility if even hosting larger gatherings comfortably. The cooking grates on the top are all continuous in design. They allow you to move your cookware from one burner to another comfortably. 

Apart from that, a charbroiler runs on infrared, and you can also use the Gourmet Mode of this range to cook those restaurant-style dishes. There are ten different cooking modes along with touch screen controls. This cooking range also comes with a temperature probe and is Star-K certified. The cooking range entirely uses natural gas for its burners, while the oven features convection technology. 

It can self-clean and also has Sabbath Mode for holiday times. VertiCross technology in the convection oven ensures you always get those perfectly cooked dishes without any hot spots. Moreover, the LED-backlit controls illuminate, and they indicate that the burners are active. 


  • Comes with a temperature probe.
  • Halo light controls.
  • Gourmet mode.
  • Charbroiler powered by infrared.
  • Continuous grates.
  • Dual stacked burners.
  • Full stainless steel construction.


  • There’s no LP conversion available.
  • It’s a huge oven not suitable for smaller spaces.

6. Whirlpool WGG745S0FS – Best for Cleaning

This 30-inch freestanding gas-powered cooking range comes with EZ-2-Lift grits made of cast iron that come with a hinged design. With such a design, you can conveniently clean under them and don’t even lift them. Moreover, the cooking grates are all dishwasher safe as well. 

Apart from that, this cooking range features a Steam Clean option that can conveniently saturate those based messages from water and allows you to wipe and clean very easily. 

But that’s not all! 

This cooking range comes with a SpeedHeat burner that can boil and sear and produces up to 16,000 BTUs. Moreover, there is an oval burner in the center that can fit larger cookware without any effort. 

This range also boasts Frozen Bake technology that significantly reduces time to cook, and you can bypass the preheating stage. It also comes with a temperature sensor that monitors the temperatures and adjusts them according to the recipe you are working on. 

The convection conversion feature is there as well, and it automatically adjusts according to the recipe that you are preparing for better fuel efficiency and after cooking times. 

Furthermore, the power oven features Rapid Preheat that can save you a lot of time, and you can bake on a single rack. It will use all the elements along with a rear fan to get things done in no time. This unit is ADA compliant and also features Sabbath Mode for holidays. 


  • ADA compliant.
  • Integrated temperature sensor.
  • True convection technology.
  • Frozen Bake feature.
  • SpeedHeat Burner.
  • SteamClean option.
  • EZ-2-Lift grates with hinges.


  • No hot surface light indicator.
  • No storage drawer.

7. LG LDE4413ST – Best Oven Capacity

If you are looking for a massive oven capacity and do a lot of baking, this is the right option for you to consider. This cooking range comes with 7.3 cubic feet, and there are five radiant elements present on the top of it. 

The cooking elements present in this range are all made of high-quality materials. They can conveniently match the size of the cookware you are using and adjust the heating power accordingly. 

The large oven capacity in both sections amounts to 7.3 cubic feet, and you can cook a variety of dishes with it and at different temperatures. The upper oven section is built for quick heating, and you can use it for smaller meals. 

This cooking range comes with LG’s signature ProBake convection technology. It delivers an even heat on all the racks and from all the sides to eradicate those hot spots. 

There are different cooking modes for the oven too. These include broil, bake, convection roast and bake, multi-rack baking with convection, delay bake, proof, warm, delay clean, speed roast, and pizza.

The cooking range is pretty easy to clean, thanks to its self-cleaning mode. The self-cleaning mode features a 10-minute cycle to wipe away any leftover grime without any issues. 


  • Front tilting control knobs.
  • Wide viewing window.
  • Glass touch controls.
  • 7.3 cubic feet oven space.
  • ProBake convection.
  • Several oven modes.


  • No temperature probes.
  • Only two finishes are available.

8. Viking 7 Series VDR74826GFW – Best for Premium Quality

Looking for a large commercial-grade cooking range for your big kitchen, you need to bring in the Viking. This 48-inch giant comes with a freestanding design and runs on dual fuel. There are six sealed burners present on this cooking range, and the total oven capacity is 7.3 cubic feet. 

The Elevation burners on this cooking range can produce up to 50,000 BTUs and cook anything for you. But this cooking range is not all about power. It also comes with a VariSimmer setting that can provide gentle heat on all burners. Therefore, you can use them for cooking at low but accurate temperatures too.

Its Ignition system features Viking’s signature SureSpark technology. The burners can automatically ignite or reignite if they extinguish while you are cooking something on them. A reversible griddle (StayCool) boasts a good grease containment design to clean the grease off easily. 

You can also go for a ViChrome griddle at the time of purchase that can be interchangeably used with the nonstick griddle for even easier cleanup. This griddle is thermostatically controlled, and you can clean it up pretty conveniently. 

The doors of this cooking range don’t smash because they are equipped with GentleClose technology. They can slowly close to make sure your delicately baked goods are not disturbed. 


  • TruGlide extension racks.
  • Black chrome and CoolLit knobs with lights.
  • Continuous cooking grates.
  • Dual Flow Variable Speed convection system.
  • Gourmet Go infrared broiler.
  • Rapid preheat feature.


  • No digital temperature displays.
  • No steam-clean option.

9. Maytag MET8800FZ – Best for the Bridge Element 

If you want to get your hands on a double oven that still comes with slightly compact construction, this is the right choice. It can tightly fit in those close corners, and you won’t have to compromise because you need a double oven for cooking a variety of dishes. 

This model might not come with any finish options, but it packs quite a lot of space in its tight dimensions. You can start preparing for a feast and can cook different dishes at multiple temperatures simultaneously. 

These ovens run on accurate convection technology, and there is a third heating element that works in the tendon with a fan to ensure your food gets even heating from all sides. You won’t have to worry about any of those hot spots at all. 

This cooking range features sensor heating to ensure all your meals are cooked perfectly and evenly from all sides. Additionally, this range comes with an automatic convection conversion. That will adjust your conventional recipes and use convection heating for better heat control and precise cooking. 

It also has the power to preheat to enjoy your dinner quicker without any undercooked attributes. But the best feature of them all in this range is its Bridge Element that can stretch across the cooktop. So, you can cook using those oddly shaped pots or pans. 


  • Various cooking modes.
  • Fingerprint resistance.
  • 6.7 cubic feet oven capacity.
  • Bridge Element.
  • True convection and automatic convection conversion.


  • No finish options.
  • No storage or warming drawer.

Best Double Oven Ranges Buying Guide

Many brands have their double oven cooking ranges on offer. Choosing the right one can become overwhelming, but you can significantly narrow down your options and pick the best one if you understand your needs and requirements. 

This guide will highlight some essential points that you should consider when buying these double oven ranges. 

Total cooking capacity 

This is hands down the most important feature that you must consider before buying a cooking range. As we are talking about double ovens, you will get to choose from high numbers. Most of the units will feature a cooking capacity ranging from 5.5 cubic feet and up to 7.5 cubic feet. 

Most of the models come with six cubic feet of oven capacity. But it’s not all about the oven. You also need to think about the burners on top. Most double ovens come with 5 or 6 burners, and that’s just fine depending upon how many dishes you are planning to cook simultaneously. 

Gas vs. electric 

This is an age-old question, and most people get confused when choosing between electric and gas ranges. Double oven ranges are also available in gas and electric options. Gas ranges are better when you are looking to work in a more traditional style. They can burn high BTUs and can produce a lot of heat. 

On the other hand, electric ranges are more precise and even in their cooking procedures. And they also come with digital displays and controls. It’s just a matter of preference which one you should consider for your kitchen. However, if you have a modern kitchen, it’s better to go with an electric unit. 


Double oven ranges are no small units, and that is because they come with a larger oven capacity. If you are looking for a slightly compact designed double oven range, you should go for a 30-inch size that is much more compact. 

But if space availability is not your concern, then you can go for 48-inch cooking ranges as well. These giant-sized double oven cooking ranges cook a variety of foods with ease. You can also use larger cookware and cook more quantities of food with such a large unit. 

Additional features 

If you don’t like fingerprints on your cooking range, you can go for a darker finish. Some units come with fingerprint resistivity. You can find ranges with power preheat or true convection.

A few units come with a spare griddle. And you can also find units with a hot surface light indicator, element adjustment, and so much more. These features add to your overall convenience in the kitchen and are handy. 

FAQs for the best Double Oven Ranges 


The winner of this roundup of best double oven ranges is the GE JBS86SPSS. It comes with a total oven capacity of 6.6 cubic feet and features a ceramic glass top. This range features steam clean, fast preheat, and power boil features. The stainless-steel construction of this model makes it durable too. 

The runner up turns out to be the Whirlpool WGE745C0FE, which offers tremendous value. It comes with a total oven capacity of 6.7 cubic feet, and there are five radiant elements on it. This unit comes with Frozen Bake technology, true convection, steam clean, triple bright element, and a ceramic glass top. 

These double oven ranges are quite versatile. They provide you with ample space to work with and make sure you can conveniently cook a range of different recipes with ease. 

Some of them even come with a warming drawer right at the bottom. Samsung NE59J7850WG is the perfect example. You can use it to keep your food warm for extended periods. Different models come with different features to determine what you want to achieve with your cooking range.

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