Duxtop 10PC – 1209 Whole-Clad Premium Induction Cookware Set

Duxtop, keeping in mind the chef in every home, specially designed the wonderful Duxtop 10 PC 1209 Whole-Clad Premium Induction Cookware Set. The set provides you with most of the cookware you need to create an exceptional, fancy meal. This cookware set is going to take your cooking experience to another level with advantages like ease of handling, maintenance, and affordability going hand in hand. This cookware set consisting of 10 pieces can be a perfect gifting option for a budding chef or if you want to just treat yourself. With the years of maintenance and cleaning, you can spend more time with your family rather than on cookware cleaning. So when it’s time to buy new induction cookware for your kids in the following key features will help you to make up your mind for the Duxtop 10PC 1209 Premium Induction Cookware Set.

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Key Features:

The Duxtop 10PC 1209 Whole-Clad Premium Induction Cookware Set consists of the following:

  • 8-inch frying pan
  • 10-inch frying pan
  • 3-quart saucepan with lid and handle helper
  • 6-quart saucepan with lid
  • 3-quart stockpot with lid
  • 6-½ stockpot with lid

Triple-ply stainless steel construction:

This Duxtop induction cookware set is constructed of triple-ply stainless steel. The triple ply refers to the three layers, an aluminum layer sandwiched between two stainless steel layers. This is also called multi-clad layers. The aluminum layer is added as it is a good conductor of heat compared to stainless steel. This triple ply construction provides even heating around the base as well as a side of each cookware of the set. This feature is responsible for quick heating of the cookware, good heat retention and temperature control and fast heat transference to cook meals within no time.


The handles remain cool and offer a good grip the related handles are specially engineered so that they don’t come off giving a good grip so that when the contents are transferred there are no chances of slipping.

18/10 Stainless steel used:

18/10 refers to the percentage of chromium and nickel respectively in the stainless steel. Chromium gives the rust resistance properties, whereas Nickel gives a lustrous look along with anti-corrosion property. This Duxtop 10PC 1209 Whole-Clad Premium Induction Cookware Set uses 18/10 stainless steel which is a a high-grade stainless steel resisting corrosion and holding polish for a longer time. The 18/10 stainless steel offers even heating while cooking food and preventing the food from coming in direct contact with the aluminum layer as it is sandwiched between two stainless steel layers.


It is absolutely compatible with the induction cooktops. Also, it can work on a gas stove as well as the oven.

Can tolerate a good temperature range:

The Duxtop 10PC 1209 Whole-Clad Premium Induction Cookware can tolerate oven heat as high as 500°F and can be used for storage of food in the refrigerator, meaning it can tolerate a good range of temperature.


This induction cookware set comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • The set comes inclusive of 10 pieces.
  • Made using whole-clad tri-ply technology to ensure all-round even heat distribution.
  • Dishwasher and Oven Friendly.
  • Can safely be used in freezers to hold stored food.
  • Stay-cool steel handles with added grip.
  • Is available at an affordable price.


  • No lids for some of the pieces.
  • Limited oven-proof temperature range.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the cookware be washed in the dishwasher?

Ans: Although dishwasher safe, it is advisable to hand wash the cookware of this set as the soil from other dishes may scratch the surface of this cookware.

Do the handles get hot while cooking?

Ans: No. The handles don’t get hot on cooking as they are specially designed in a way that the heat does not heat up the handles.

Is the set suitable for induction cooktops?

Ans: Yes, as a matter of fact, it specifically constructed to be used over an induction cooktop.

Can the cookware be used in the oven?

Ans: Yes they are compatible to be used even in the oven.


Duxtop 10PC – 1209 Whole-Clad Premium Induction Cookware Set
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The Duxtop 10PC 1209 Whole-Clad Premium Induction Cookware Set is definitely an excellent addition to your kitchen at such affordable price and versatility. The best features at an economic rate is something that the brand is known for.

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