Easy Off Professional Fume Free Cleaner

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[toc] Easy Off Professional Fume Free Cleaner is definitely the best oven cleaner as it is not only affordable but also has an excellent formula. The product comes with the motto, the best food is cooked in the cleaner oven. There are two versions of the cleaner. One can be used to clean oven and grill and another one is for oven only. However, the second one can even be used for grill cleaning. For better understanding, let’s review the product so that you can see yourself about our claim.
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High-Quality Oven Cleaner

At the low-cost price point, you will hardly see any oven cleaner, which gives such satisfactory results. The cleaner has a highly effective formula but it is not high on the chemical composition. The stains can be cleaned just by giving one wipe. However, you need to leave the gel on the surface for a few seconds to notice the effect.

It does not give fumes

If a cleaner has fumes then everyone should avoid such cleaner. Having said that, this product is not only free from fumes but it is also gentle on the skin. This means that the surface liquid to chemical ratio is maintained perfectly. You can leave the liquid on the surface for five minutes if the grease is very strong. After that, it will be gone.

Pleasant Lemon Scent

This is an added advantage, which is lacked by many oven cleaners. Easy Off Professional Fume Free Cleaner has a lemon scent but it is not too strong. It is slightly on the mild side and you can feel the freshness in your hands after using this spray. Just use it to believe it.

Easy Off Heavy Duty Design

The design of the bottle is really good but the dispenser has some issues in it. It has dispenser mounted as an accessory to the main bottle. Even though it is easy to dispense the liquid from the bottle. But, at times, it becomes a little difficult if there is a blockage. When there is less liquid left, you need to put effort to squeeze the liquid.

Perfect for Grills and Stovetops

This product is suitable for all kinds of use including cleaning grills and stovetops. Just dispense the liquid and wipe it off on the grill. It is easy to spray on stovetops and the liquid will emulsify the hard greasy stain in minutes. Once it’s done, just take a damp cloth and wipe off the surface to get a cleaner grill.


  • The Lemon Scent is mild
  • The bottle spray is easy to work till it last
  • Harmless fumes is a plus
  • Removes stains in just a few steps and that too in quick time
  • Light on harsh chemicals
  • It is not dangerous clean
  • Penetrates the tough greasy residue easily in minutes
  • Can remove barbeque grill grease
  • Can clean stovetops and broiler pans with just a few wipes
  • Cleaning stainless steel surface is easier
  • Perfect for everyday cleaning purpose


  • The sprayer on the bottle gets jammed easily, and the bottle can easily be damaged

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Lemon is the only option you have at the moment. It is expected that the company may manufacture the same product with the different scent but for now, you only have this option. Yes. Simple and fresh stains can be cleaned with just one wipe by using a damp cloth. If the residue is strong and old enough, then you have to spray the liquid and leave it for some time. It is Fume free. It does not release fumes. Because of this, you can use it without any harm. It is more of a gel. Even though because of heat, it becomes little liquid but it is not a big issue at all. There are two options. But, if you want to clean grill and oven then go for grill and oven option. Even if you want to clean oven alone still go for grill and oven option. No. It comes with one bottle with spray. No. Not at all. Rather it is most affordable. Around 1.6 pounds. At best 24 ounces. Yes. You can use it.


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