Evergreen Home 1800W Double Digital Induction Cooktop Review

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If you have a very small kitchen, you live alone or you are looking for an additional induction cooktop to complement your large, full-size, 4-burner appliance, we want to show you the amazing, double burner small induction cooktop model by Evergreen Home. This convenient portable model got excellent ratings from the users. It is equipped with sensor touch controls and comes with the amazing 15 different temperature options.

Even though it does not have the self-clean option and the pan detection technology, its superb heating system, and adjustable controls are definitely worth your attention.

Evergreen Home 1800W Double Digital Induction Cooktop Review

Key Features

2 burners

This induction range has only 2 burners, but this is standard in the portable, small induction range category. They are very well positioned to allow using two large pans at the same time.

1-year warranty

The manufacturer provides a 1-year warranty which covers all kinds of damages and malfunctions of your device.

Easy to clean

Even though this induction range model does not come with the self-cleaning technology, don?t worry. It is very easy to clean, as the materials are stain-resistant. Furthermore, it does not have plastic edges. The ?no more gap? design technology prevents food bites and grease from penetrating parts of this appliance. Therefore, you can clean it in a few minutes!

Safety features

This model has 15 heat control settings available for both burners, separately. It is not possible to burn your meals anymore as you can adjust the temperature easily. Furthermore, it comes with sensor touch controls.

Additionally, this model comes with a safety lock feature. After you turn the burner on and start cooking your food, you can lock your settings. Similarly, you can lock the appliance in order to prevent kids from turning it on.


It has a 4-hour timer, which allows you to set the cooking time and devote yourself to some other activity while your food is being prepared. The timer option is usually found in small kitchen appliances and ovens. It is rarely found in induction ranges. Therefore, this is a unique model in the market when it comes to the timer feature.


  • 2 burners
  • Portable model
  • Easy to clean
  • ?No more gaps? technology
  • 15 heat control settings
  • Sensor touch control
  • Comes with a magnet for testing the cookware
  • No plastic edging
  • Affordable
  • Versatile
  • Crystal glass finish
  • Has a 4-hour timer
  • Has a safety lock feature
  • Time-saving
  • Sleek design
  • Good for small kitchens.


  • It does not have the self-clean feature
  • It does not come with the pan detector.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer:?Yes, it definitely is the best 2-burner induction range choice. It has very good safety features, including the lock option, it offers 15 different temperature controls, has a 4-hour timer and is easy to clean thanks to the no more gaps and no plastic edging technologies.

Answer:?Evergreen Home producer provided a magnet for testing the cookware suitability. It is very important to use adequate cookware with induction ranges. Other than that, there are no special accessories included in the package.

Answer:?Yes, this excellent induction range model is very affordable, which is understandable when you consider that it belongs to the small, portable induction range appliance category. However, its superb qualities represent a great value for money.

Answer:?This is a great question, as it points out another important feature of this product. This induction range has lots of space between its two burners. Therefore, even extra-large pans can be used at the same time on this model.

It is a small appliance, but it is suitable for large pans, which is great! This is especially convenient, as this model is not used only by people who prepare food only for themselves, in rather small pans, but as an additional induction range for people who already use the full-size appliance.

Answer:?Yes, it does. Evergreen Home provides a 1-year warranty for this model.


This model by Evergreen Home is perfection among small induction ranges. It has 2 burners with lots of space between them in order to fit even the largest pans. It is portable and easy to clean. It has very good safety features. It is affordable, convenient, and durable.