George Foreman GGR50B

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The overall winner of our best electric grill ranking is the George Foreman GGR50B. This versatile workhorse features numerous high-quality features that you simply don?t get in many other brands.  Your food takes a short time to prepare when keeping their natural taste. Lastly, you have a durable piece of kitchenware supported by a 3-year warranty.  Let?s discuss these characteristics below:

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Key Features

Large cooking area

An important aspect you consider in all grills is how fast it can cook. So the cooking area is a priority concern. Thankfully, George Foreman GGR50B has a large roasting surface. Interestingly, it has an area of 240 SFT. When you have 15 guests eager to sample your sumptuous meal, it?s time to bring out your power horse and make a heavy cooking a breezy adventure.

Versatile and compact.

Another feature that makes this robust griller a hit is its design. It?s ideal for both indoors and outdoor use. So, whether its winter and you need a grilled meal while heating your kitchen, you can use it indoors. Conversely, in hot seasons, you can use it outdoor while you picnic at your backyard. The design is particularly handy. You can support the grill by either using a flat top or prop it over a pedestal. But you will note that it has a nimbly dimensions of 22.2 x 20.5 x 13.0 in and only weighs 21 lbs. These make it highly portable.

Easy cleaning mechanism:

The recessed and sloping lower deck of the grill allows it to trap excess oil. This function prevents the food from absorbing too much fat. Besides, it reduces wastages since the trapped grease is available for the subsequent barbequing process. The novel stashing helps you avoid the chore you hate most ? having to scrub the oil after the cooking.

Safe for apartment use

The device uses electricity only. There is no fuss, soot, and fumes from charcoal and no funny odor and explosion risks inherent with propane-fueled apparatus. The 1600 watts power is set to distribute heat over the food but retain much heat uniformly. This aspect preserves your natural house temperature. No wonder, it?s approved for indoor usage.

Heavy-duty non-stick layer

The circular grill is encased in a thick and safe non-stick crust. The cover saves you the hassle of oiling the surface before grilling. Further, it prevents food from burning beside retaining its natural aroma. Finally, after all the cooking, you have an easy time to clean the gadget quickly.


  • Non-stick coating for a perfect cooking surface.
  • All year round usage ? outdoor during summer, indoors during winter.
  • Adjustable knob to set temperature in five different cooking heats sets.
  • Silent robust built ensure no vibration during use
  • Removable pedestal for a stand-alone application or set on a platform.


  • The temperature knob doesn?t indicate actual temperatures.
  • Power supply cord is short for outdoor use.

Frequently Asked Questions:

[mks_toggle title=” What type of food can this grill make?” state=”close “]Basically all kinds of meals. You can prepare steaks, chicken, vegetables, burgers, potatoes, and hot dogs.[mks_toggle title=” Does it come with a cover?” state=”close “]This griller has an inbuilt top cover to protect your meals from outside elements. The cover features a handle and a reinforced lip for compact seal and smooth operation.[mks_toggle title=” Does it come with any warranty?” state=”close “]The grill has a 3-year warranty.[mks_toggle title=” Does it come with a recommended temperature gauge for different meals?” state=”close “]No, it doesn?t have one that gives a specific temperature. But it has a temperature range setting suitable for various meals.[mks_toggle title=” How do I clean it?” state=”close “]You can dish-wash the top half of the grill. Clean the lower part manually after removing the grease pan. Ensure no water drips to the bottom. Makes sure it?s thoroughly dry before next use.[mks_toggle title=” Is it hard to assemble?” state=”close “]The grill is easy to set up. It requires about ten minutes to get it ready for your first BBQ.[mks_toggle title=” Does it come with cleaning implements?” state=”close “]No, it doesn?t. But the non-stick layer makes for easy cleaning. You wouldn?t need any special tools to clean it up.


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