Goo Gone Oven And Grill Cleaner Review

The effectiveness of the oven cleaner depends on its formula and shell life. Goo Gone Oven and grill cleaner is one such cleaner, which has the ability to become one of the best oven cleaner. if the product manufacturer increases its formula and composition. The container has a beautiful design and can be used to clean all kinds of baked grease. Apart from its decent formula, it has some added advantages. Let’s look at some of the features

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Expert Review of Goo Gone Oven And Grill Cleaner

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Foaming technology is good for gentle cleaning. This product uses the same technology, which helps in removing the stains without applying too much pressure on the grease. The foam binds with the stain and clings on it till the surface become clean. This is better for oven and grills. Food spills in the oven can leave a dirty and hard to remove the stain on the surface. If you use harsh chemicals, they will lead to fumes. The Goo Gone active oven cleaner removes such harsh stains without you experiencing any kind of fumes. Because of this, it is not harsh on the skin. Grease is hard if you try to clean them with water and soap. There will be a need for breaking agent, which loosens the bond between molecules so that the residue can come off easily within just a few wipes. This formula helps in breaking the grease but not it is little slow and gentle. The container has a beautiful design. The dispenser is also placed perfectly and for our surprise, there was not much of jamming. Even the container has decent build quality. The only issue is the comfort level while holding if your hands are smaller. However, the grip will allow you to hold it firmly. Even though it is slow on hard-baked grease like most of the cleansers, this cleanser is highly effective. After leaving the liquid on to the grease for a moment you can notice the surface reacting with the liquid. It removes the stain completely and gives a fresh look to the surface

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use it immediately right after using my oven?

Yes. But it is better you let the oven heat at least once before you cook food in it. Because of scent and water residue, it is better to use it after a few minutes

How much Oz does it have?

It is around one pound. But, the bottle contains 14fl Oz liquid in the bottle. You can also buy this product at a different weight

Is this suitable for aluminum surface?

No. The manufacturer clearly mentions that this product is not suitable for the aluminum surface because of some chemical reactions.

How do I use this?

To do that you need to turn the nozzle towards ON position. Then pull the trigger slowly all the way in and then release it. Keep on doing this until you see that spray has opened up and it starts to spray.

Is this safe to be used in the septic system?

Yes. You can make use of this liquid on the Septic system. It is a gel or thick liquid but it gives a foam, which is helpful in cutting the hard-baked grease. It can last for one year easily. It is safe for all kinds of ovens. First, spray the liquid on the stain and lather it up. Once the foam is formed, it will break the stain and clears it. 

Is this gentle to the hands?

Yes. It is very much gentle for the hands. Use gloves if you have sensor skin.


Goo Gone Oven And Grill Cleaner is sure is good deal if you are looking for one of the best  grill cleaners. If you want to reviewer more electric can openers then Click here to view all our oven cleaner top picks.

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