Greenlife Ceramic Soft Grip Non-stick CW000531-002 Cookware 14-Piece Set Review

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Turn your cooking hobby into a professional enthusiasm. And what better way could you enjoy your meals preparation than using an amazing Greenlife Ceramic Non-stick Cookware Set comprising an impressive 14-piece high-grade ceramic units? This analysis shall provide you with the necessary insights into the multiple roles this product can assume.

Greenlife Ceramic Soft Grip Non-stick CW000531-002 Cookware 14-Piece Set Review

Essential Attractions

Wide variety

The many pieces making up this set turns the crockery into a natural multirole cooking workhorse. And every component has its unique cooking function. Hence, it’s quite relevant to a large family setup.

Two-piece saut pots, a sizeable twin-handle casserole, a saucepan, two open frying pan skillets, a spatula, two stirring forks, and one cooking spoon aptly serves all your cooking functions. Furthermore, the pots come with corresponding covers.

Robust components

The individual units making up this set are crafted from only the finest natural non-stick thermolon ceramic material. The set does not emit any toxin or chemical even under extremely high temperature. This feature makes your cooking healthy. Furthermore, the firmly fixed handles help in manipulating your fully loaded pots and pans.

Elegant design

Every individual unit features an impact-resistant lower crust made from aluminum. This bonding allows better and even heat transfer. Further, it helps conserve energy, irrespective of the type of cooker you use. The slow cooking process maintains the nutritional quality of meals. When cooking under pressure, your mood is elevated, thanks to the color matched handles and pans.

Safe handling and convenient maintenance

This set is fully compatible for use in a dishwashing machine. The quality holders are finished with a soft satin film to facilitate perfect clutch; enhancing safety during cooking, washing, and storage. The vessels are also oven use compliant and can withstand a moderate temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Washing the parts is easy since the set is dishwasher-friendly.

Toughened glazing covers

The see-through glass lids, with safe top knobs, facilitate real-time monitoring of cuisine preparation without opening the covers. The boiling rate, the color of meals as well as the soup level can all be viewed without disturbing the food preparation progression. As such, you gain from proper heat retention and faster cooking speed.

Ideal for a variety of cooking surfaces

This set aptly fits all cooking platforms. You can use it for gas cooker, electric range, ovens, ceramic tops, as well as halogen tops.

Long lasting and scratch-resistant

The highly polished inner and outer casings reduce scratch mark incidences. This glossy feature enhances cooking efficiency, besides prolonging the performance and lifespan of the cooking product.

Positive attributes

  • Ergonomic structure: the covers, the handles as well as the various pots are sculptured to flow ergonomically. These properties allow for superbly robust handling and excellent grip.
  • The matching color of the vessels and handles makes your cooking experience pleasant.
  • Versatile covers: see-through glazed glass lids with top knob enhance the sets safety and energy saving features.
  • Bright, clear interior enables you to monitor the cooking progress.
  • Suitable for all types of cooking platforms and equipment.
  • Lightweight: the lighter aluminum base reduces overall set weight.
  • Faster cooking: Good heat conductivity allows for quicker heat transfer hence faster cooking.

Negative traits

  • Limited warranty – only on faulty workmanship and defect materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer:The robust construction material allows use in electric cooking plates, oven, ceramic tops, gas cookers, and halogen cooking devices.

Answer:Obviously, the reinforced aluminum base plate improves cooking speed and allows for uniform temperature distribution while cooking.

Answer:There is no interaction of the aluminum part of the sets bottom layer with the food during the cooking process. Rest assured that your meals will remain healthy and natural after cooking.

Answer:Certainly. You can clean the components properly using either plate washer or hands.

Answer:The pieces include; the main stockpot of 5-quarts and two frying pans – 7-inch and 9.5-inch diameter. Additional vessels are two sauce pots with 1-quart and 2-quart volume respectively, alongside a 2.5-quart saut pan. Utensils include four multipurpose black nylon cooking.


The biggest asset of this multi-role set is its versatility. The reinforced pots and pans are perfect for extended usage. Besides, the utensils are provided to prevent you from accidental scratching the delicate non-stick inner film using inappropriate utensils. Purchasing this cookware set offers you all the pans and utensils to prepare quality meals effortlessly for the entire family.