GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Camper Cookset

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Are you the type that is always aiming to make the most of your cash when shopping? If so, purchasing the GSI outdoor camping cook set will be one of the most excellent decisions you will ever make. It emerges at the top of our list of the best camping/backing cookware because of its expert craftsmanship and unequaled efficiency. So if youre looking for the best camping/backpacking cookware for your home, you should consider the GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Camper Cookset. With its infinity build, this cookware is among the most lightweight products around and its Teflon, featuring Radiance technology, allows it to tolerate hot spots.

If you are searching for a cheap cookware set for regular campers, this item will not suit you. It is designed for those who will overlook the budget and go for high efficiency and durability. Designed by a company that has been here for over three decades, the Outdoors Pinnacle Camper Cookset will surely serve your purposes and remain useful for several years.

GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Camper Cookset

This set of top quality cookware has 10 useful pieces. These include the following:

  • Strainer Lid
  • Welded Sink
  • Three-liter pot
  • Two-liter pot
  • Four Sip-it tops
  • Four, 7.5 plates
  • Nine fry pan
  • Four 14 fl. Oz. bowls
  • Four 14 fl. Oz. Insulated mugs
  • Folding pot gripper

Key features


Pinnacle Base Camper boasts Teflon non-stick coating. Based on Radiance Technology, Teflon improves heat distribution and minimizes hotspots when cooking.


This cookware consists of a tough anodized aluminum surface that is coated with Teflon. As a result, it ensures even heat distribution, keeps away scratches and increases the sets useful years.

Easy to clean and store

As this set comes with a rugged welded stuff sack that can be used as a wash basin and store, it is the most convenient for an ardent camper. It removes the need to improve a sink and get an extra storage bag or box.

Supports safe cookery

GSI Pinnacle Base Camper has a folding handle that quickly locks onto the external pot and fry pan brackets. And as long as you dont place directly over a campfire, you can do stovetop cooking with the pot and lid combo.


  • This cookware set has a compact infinity design, allowing easy usage and transportation
  • Its construction materials are safe for human use
  • It cannot easily be scratched, scrapped or damaged due to the Radiance Technology-based Teflon coating and strong craftsmanship.
  • Because of its creative and flexible build, the cookware fits the cookery styles of different campers
  • It offers excellence in terms quality and durability and is worth every penny.


  • This cookware set can only be bought by those within the U.S, restricting any other buyer who might like it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer:No, nylon lids should not be exposed to flames. Instead, place them on pots when you are done cooking to act as lids.

Answer:No, the handle is very steady. But you might need the effort to remove it.

Answer:The manufacturers website, the GSI Outdoors, states clearly that this set is not for use with open campfires, traditional ovens or microwaves.

Answer:Yes, there are pots plus a strainer lid, fry pan, welded sink, bowls, and mugs.

Answer:The lid may melt or soften based on the amount of heat that the heat releases. So the lid can get damaged and therefore should be spared.

Answer:It might be possible if you are also using a metal grid beneath it to keep it a distance from the direct heat.

Answer:I have always used it on my gas camp stove, so I am not so sure about using it on an induction stove. It will be nice to send GSI this query and wait for their reply.


Whether you are a constant user of the GSI Base Camper cookware sets or not, this modern set will meet your every expectation and much more. Its non-stick Teflon coat with Radiance Technology is one of the top features that boost efficiency and durability. There is also the added benefit of using a cutting board, strainer lid, fry pan, and plates. Versatility is allowed by the welded sink, as it can be used as a washbasin and also for holding the set when not in use or when traveling. Hence, this is a wonderful cookware set for regular or intermittent campers. It will surely last longer and tolerate any amount of abuse it will be put through outdoors.