Hamilton Beach 25361

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If you are searching for the best electric grill to serve your small family and fit in your small kitchen, your first choice would be the Hamilton Beach 25361. This workhorse provides you with years of stress-free and enjoyable cooking experience. You will never burn your food nor fret about cleaning up after eating. The grill is made from rust resistant and highly durable stainless steel materials. Let?s consider the facts that make this gadget a must-have kitchen device.

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Key Features

Large window

The first impression you get from inspecting the Hamilton Beach 25361 is the overhead inspection window. This genius addition simplifies your cooking while saves time and energy. You can visually check how your roast is browning without necessarily having to open the lid each time. If it?s done to your satisfaction, only then can you open the cover. Therefore, it helps the meal retains its original flavor and reduces the cooking duration dramatically.


In case you are a family of three, this best electric grill is adequate for your everyday cooking. The cooking space measures 15 x 10 inches ? enough for four meal sets. The grill dimension is 12.4 x 16.8 x 6.8 inches. This size aptly fits most kitchen counters. This petite size allows you to comfortably stash it away in a cupboard when not in use.

Easy cleaning

The stainless steel cover is easy to clean. You just need a soapy sponge to wipe off the grease and smug. But it?s the cooking plates that make you desire the grill. The heavy-duty non-stick roasting plates together with the grease trap are washing machine ready. All you need is to remove and place them in the washer.

Futuristic design

The grill is designed for ease of use and practical cooking experience. The large and removable handles allow for quick manipulation. The inspection pane helps you minimize unnecessary physical food checking while keeping your worktop clean from drills. You also enjoy the benefit of real-time temperature control. The dial helps maintain the searing cooking experience as well as temperature. Once the preset cooking time is achieved, the timer beeps to alert you. The grated cooking plate has an adequate pore to drain excess oil drill to the grease traps below. This design ensures you have a moist and tasty food every time you cook.


Safety is at the center of this grill. The large handle provides a safe lift up mechanism. You can open the grill using your bare hands without the risk of burning your fingers. The temperature control shows you whether the grill is powered or not as well as the preheat session. Further, it also indicates if the set temperature is attained. The large plastic non-skid toes prevent the grill for unintentional movement during cooking. All these improve the safety of the electric grill.


  • Large cooking area – 118 square inch.
  • Cooking plates are removable for more natural cleaning.
  • Made of sturdy stainless steel.
  • Interactive temperature control system.
  • Boasts of excellent heat distribution.
  • No smoke release during cooking.
  • Reasonably priced.


  • Designed for indoor use alone.
  • Weak plastic parts.

Frequently Asked Questions

[mks_toggle title=”How do I know if the cooking is ready?” state=”close “]The grill affords you two methods to check your cooking progress. You can set the temperature of your cook. Better still, you can visually inspect the process through the see-through viewing pane on top. [mks_toggle title=”How efficient is the grill?” state=”close “]Despite the low wattage, the cooking speed of the grill is fast. This is because you viewing glass eliminated the frequency of opening the lid ? hence releasing the heat ? while cooking. [mks_toggle title=”Is the grill dishwasher safe?” state=”close “]Absolutely! You can wash the cooking plates as well as the grease traps using a dishwashing machine. [mks_toggle title=”What is the power rating for the grill?” state=”close “]The grill uses 1200 watts. [mks_toggle title=”The power cord long enough?” state=”close “]For internal use, it is just fine. The two feet power cord is sufficient to plug on a kitchen socket. But you can buy a long extension if you need it. [mks_toggle title=”What about the warranty. Is it included?” state=”close “]Yes. The grill comes with a one-year warranty.


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