Hamilton Beach 38546 3 in 1 Electric Griddle

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Cooking can be fun if you have the right tools and if you know how to use them effectively. For better and faster cooking you might need grill and griddle. But it is not feasible to buy grill and griddle separately as it not only takes space but also hectic to use. To solve that issue we are reviewing one of the best electric griddle named Hamilton Beach 38546 3 in 1 griddle. Why is it one of the good ones? Let’s analyze

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Key Features

3 in 1 Cooking Option

Hamilton Beach 38546 3 in 1 griddle has a rectangular shape with grill and griddle space. You can either use the space as grill only or griddle only by changing the plates. If you want, you can use one space as a grill and another one as a griddle. Isn’t that convenient? With 180.00 square inches space, you will not find it hard to cook for your family for sure.

Nonstick removable plates

The plates are reversible in nature. What does reversible means? You can just flip the plates to use them as grill or griddle. Plates are coated with PFOA free coating to give Nonstick property along with a sturdy design. You can just remove the plates after using as they are removable. For easy wash or clean, just lift the plates from the grill or griddle.

Two adjustable temperature knobs for two cooking spaces

The rectangular design has two squares of cooking space on either side. Both the sides can be used as grill or griddle. For better heat distribution, they have provided individual control knobs. If you use just one of the grill you can use the individual knob to control the temperature.

Drip tray and grease channel

When you buy any griddle make sure that it has a tray placed at perfect place so that it can collect all the residue or extra cheese from the grill or griddle. Hamilton Beach 38546 3 in 1 griddle has a drip tray or grease collector. This channel is in the middle and you can just remove it to clean in the dishwasher.

Easy design with sturdy material

This is not a stainless steel griddle. Some people might consider it a letdown but it has a durable and thick aluminum body. The material has the right gauge to provide longevity. As the design is very simple with pockets, chambers and control settings, you will not have any difficulty in operating this electric griddle.


  • Dual heat or temperature control system.
  • Removable cooking grid for better cleaning.
  • Has one greased tray or drip collector to hold all the drippings.
  • Cooking plates are free from PFOA.
  • The plates are double sided for use as either grills or griddles.
  • Cooking grids can be detached so they are completely immersible and they are dishwasher safe.
  • Made of better durable aluminum.
  • Features two easy cooking areas, which offers up to 180.00 square inches of large cooking space.
  • Non-stick coated cooking surface.


  • It is heavier than another griddle of the same size.
  • Longer heating duration compared to similar models.

Frequently Asked Questions

[mks_toggle title=”What is the rate of heating?” state=”close “]Hard to tell but it gets heated fairly quickly.[mks_toggle title=”How strong are the plates?” state=”close “] Plates are of good quality. No issues.[mks_toggle title=”Does it fold?” state=”close “]No, unfortunately not. They should have added that feature.[mks_toggle title=”Is there any cover?” state=”close “]No, there is no cover.[mks_toggle title=”Can I order replacement parts for my griddle?” state=”close “]Yes, you can. Just contact the manufacturer.[mks_toggle title=”What is the DVD input plug voltage?” state=”close “]It should be 110v or 120 v.[mks_toggle title=”Is it a high wattage griddle?” state=”close “]No. Each side can consume up to 700 watts of power. That is 1400 to 1500 watts in total.[mks_toggle title=”What should be the ideal wattage level for electric griddle such as this?” state=”close “]From 500 watts to 1800 warts based on a number of sides or cooking space.[mks_toggle title=”Do I need to use one cooking place at a time or both?” state=”close “]It depends on you. You can either use any of them or both.[mks_toggle title=”Does this have a Nonstick coating?” state=”close “]Yes. It has PFOA free coating.


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