Hamilton Beach 76380Z Classic Chrome Heavyweight Can Opener

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Hamilton has become one of the most trusted brands, which manufactures quality products when it comes to the kitchen. One such product is Hamilton Beach 76380Z Classic Chrome Heavyweight Can Opener, which by far attracted many users to become one of the best electric can opener. Even though it is really good we need to test the product and compare it with the price to decide whether the product is really best or just around average.

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Key Features

From a Trusted Manufacturer with High-Quality Product

Shops have filled with many different kinds of electric can openers. People prefer to try cheap products so that they can be sure of the product is worthy or not. One big advantage of Hamilton can opener is it comes with one year warranty from a trusted manufacturer. Even if the product has any defects you can always contact the manufacturer for replacement or repair.

Extra Tall Heavyweight Can Opener

Just think of a tall can with a strong lid. It’ll become really difficult for an average height can opener to open the tall and strong can. Hamilton Beach 76380Z Classic Chrome Heavyweight Can Opener will solve this problem for you with its excellent design and build quality. You can open most of the cans from this can opener.

Electric Can Opener with Knife Sharpener

Who wants to spend extra money on a knife sharpener when you are getting an electric can opener with knife sharpening ability. The knife sharpener is really good but it is not for all kinds of easy. It has a combo design to sharpen your kitchen knives on that spot. This further reduced the space consumption and time as it does both the jobs perfectly.

Extra Sharp Design with SuperCut Patented Technology

This electric can opener opens your can lid every time on its first attempt without a fail. With this promise, it is definitely one of the best electric can openers out there. As the product has automatic shutoff design, this helps in reduced power consumption and better cut on the can surface. What more can you ask?

It has the cord storage option and you can remove the blades for cleaning

Many of the users demand cord storage feature in their can openers because it keeps the cord in a safer condition. Secondly, with assembling and disassemble design, you can remove the blade and then wash it. It is really easy to assemble the blades again on to the opener.


  • One year company warranty is provided
  • Very economical model.
  • Can easily open different types of cans with just one push
  • Very light in weight, as a result, it is comfortable to work with it.
  • Comes with an inbuilt knife sharpener, which is of good quality
  • Counts with disassembling washable

Frequently Asked Questions

Smooth with a better cut. No. It is pretty pleasant. Fixed knife sharpener. There is a slot or cubby provided for the cable. Yes. Very easily. No more than 120 v. It uses SuperCut technology, which cuts the sides of the can lid in an inside out fashion. This is a better option when you consider the price. No. As the blades are super sharp and cut the corner of the lid in a precise manner, it will keep the container from leaking, searing and leakage. Less mess means less cleaning. No. You can use a stabilizer if you want to. As it works under the nominal supply of 11.v or 120v input you will not face any issues for sure. No. It is a basic knife sharpener, which will help you to sharpen different kinds of knives but does not expect it to do everything for you when it comes to sharpening serrated and ceramic knives.


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