Hamilton Beach (76606ZA) Smooth Touch Electric Automatic Can Opener

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Some of the electric can openers cut the lid from the top by infusing the blades in the middle. This will lead to the spilling and seeping. Hamilton Beach (76606ZA) Smooth Touch Electric Automatic Can Opener does the job without any of those hassle-filled cutting. With an automatic lever, this can opener in one among the best electric can opener. Why are we saying so? Let’s check and analyze.

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Key Features

High-Quality cutting blades

Blades should not be very thin or too thick as most of the cans have a thin layer of the lid but mounted very tightly on the can surface. Thinner blades will give uneven cuts and thicker blades will give extra large cuts. As this product has a high-quality side cutting blade, it becomes relatively easier to cut the can lid from the side. This reduces spilling and seeping.

It has an ergonomic lever, which is large

The large ergonomic lever means better control over the can. Pulling and cutting become easier. As the lever has an ergonomic design, it is easy to hold the lever, pull it and leave it so that pressure exerted will be optimal. Sometimes, the handle may feel little lose when opening smaller cans but it is perfect for most of the cans.


Hamilton Beach (76606ZA) Smooth Touch Electric Automatic Can Opener has good build quality. The blade and the outer housing is very strong. The lever also has a right tension level, which helps in opening some of the bigger cans with minimum pressure or force levels.

The design is a big plus

This electric can opener looks better than most of the electric can opener. Big thanks to its chrome look with black borders. The ergonomically design with easy to use housing allows you to place the can properly and open it without leaving harsh surface or sharp edges.

Perfect for regular and pop top Cans as it has one touch lever

The one-touch lever does not demand high force. Just press it once and the lever will do the rest of the work but cutting the lid from sides giving a smoother opening of the cans. All types of regular and pop top cans can be opened with these electric can openers. Because of its design, you can easily clean it and maintain it.


  • The company provides a 1-year
  • The material used is very strong and it is durable as well
  • An elegant option.
  • Quality of the product is high
  • Perfect for all regular size pop-top cans


  • A bit Expensive.
  • This is heavy
  • It does not have an automatic shutoff or stop system in it.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. It does not.

It is around 180 watts.

No. You can just clean it with few wipes.

It clearly states on the package that the cord length is 27.5 inches. It is sufficient for all kinds of households.

Yes. This is an added advantage. You can just pull the cord according to your need.

Yes. You can open 32 oz can. Sometimes cans have irregular shapes. Unless the shape is normal you can open it.

It cuts the lid from the side. Because of this, you’ll not notice any kinds of sharp edges unless you have applied less force or dragged the can while the process of opening.

Mostly no unless you find a seller who sells the product. It is better to go for a locally branded product if you are outside the USA.

Item weight is listed at 3.07 pounds and it is heavy for can opener standards.

Yes. It does include a one-year brand warranty. Just call customer care or support to go through the warranty claim process.


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