Harbor 022 Thermometer Review

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Are you looking for the best Thermometer you can use for your kitchen activities? You are out there and you are probably wondering about the best thermometer that stands tall amongst the rest in terms of temperature, durability and maintenance, the Harbor 022 Thermometer is the right pick for you. Whether it is smoked meat, steak, fry fish, Turkey, chicken or even baby milk, the harbor 022 thermometer does it all conveniently while also preventing damage. We will be looking at some of the reasons why the Harbor 022 Thermometer is picked by many as the ideal choice.

Harbor 022 Thermometer

Key Features

Robust Temperature Range

Harbor 022 thermometer has both the Fahrenheit and the degree Celsius embedded in it, ranging from 58f to 572f.

Fast and Accurate

The harbor 022 thermometer activates readings 4-6 seconds at all cooking temperatures. The reading on the Harbor 022 thermometer is accurate and so fast that in a couple of minutes, it is done checking out the temperature. It comes also with an automatic shutdown feature that turns off once it eclipses the ten minute mark. It does this to prevent the battery from running out and save energy.

Safe and Protected

Harbor thermometer has a safeguard protective sheath that protects it against unforeseen damage, especially when not in use.

Long Sensitive Probe

With the long 4.7-inch stainless steel probe, it is easy and long enough to stick it into your meat or liquid conveniently without home hazards like burning your hands while measuring.

Easy to use

One of the key features of the Harbor 022 Thermometer is its simplicity in usage. Simply insert the probe into your food or liquid and get the desired temperature that you want.

Portable Display

Harbor thermometer is designed in such a way that its easy to hold and grasp while measuring the temperature of your meat or liquid without feeling its heaviness. It is pocket-friendly.

Clear Display

Harbor 022 thermometer has an ultra clear Liquid Crystal Display Screen display for viewing temperature readings of your food or liquid legibly.


  • Cheap to acquire.
  • Comes fitted with a convenient long probe.
  • This particular device is very versatile in its applications.
  • Features a very wide temperature scale.
  • Provides readings quickly.
  • Features a big sized convenient display.

The display shows readings in both F and C.

  • Digital technology.

Integrated power-saving features.

  • Very easy to use and maintain.
  • Easily portable due to its convenient size.
  • Provides very accurate readings.
  • Easy to clean.
  • FDA Approved.
  • Comes with a warranty.


  • Not dishwasher or microwave friendly.
  • Not waterproof.
  • Battery Maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Harbor 022 thermometer in this aspect is worth any penny stipulated on it and justifies the amount. It can be used without freight, easy and convenient.

so far, it is not only fast in reading but accurate as well.

With the super protective sheath, the harbor 022 thermometer is easy to feel in the hand and portable to carry about when sticking your meat.

No, the harbor 022 thermometer can be dysfunctional when wet and gets its readings inaccurate if used when wet.

You can get the harbor 022 thermometer on eBay, Amazon and other online stores.

Yes. The thermometer has a long and sharp tip that can pierce through that monstrous meat and go deep to check out its temperature.

Yes, the thermometer was made for that purpose. However, extremely cold food can damage its accuracy in reading and battery performance.

-There may be if lucky. Remove the battery and clean with vinegar or alcohol and dry. If the battery continues to be malfunctioning, you would have to replace your faulty one with a new one.

No, its sheath is to protect it from damaging, especially when dropped to the ground or hit.

Yes, it is, if carefully handled.


The Harbor 022 Thermometer so far has proven beyond every reasonable doubt that it has what it takes to be the best in the kitchen due to its amazing and convenient factors. If you want a thermometer you wouldnt regret having, its the harbor 022 thermometer. There are other great thermometers out there as well that is great depending on what suits your needs.