Honey Can Do Old Stone Oven Rectangular Pizza Stone

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For the pizza lovers delight, Honey Can Do Old Stone Rectangular Pizza Clay Stone is like a boon in the form of a kitchen appliance. For a party or a movie night or for that matter just for the love of pizza, you can make pizzeria worthy pizzas in a minimalistic time, when this marvelous pizza stone is it your bay. Not only it is the most budget-friendly pizza stone but it is also the best baking stone for making the best thick crusty bread. Such is the versatility of this baking stone that you can cook meat or vegetables either in your oven or on the grill or barbecue. So when the guests come unannounced asking for a pizza party or you impulsively want to have pizza of the restaurant style, this appliance comes handy as it is going to create those lip-smacking, gooey cheesy pizzas in no time at all. Let’s get to know this pizza stone better by knowing its key features.

Key Features:

Specially Designed Heat Core:

The pizza stone made up of the cordierite stone, is specially designed with the heat core technology, which cooks the center of pizzas faster. So no soggier centered pizzas.

Cordierite Clay Material:

The stone is made up of cordierite clay material, known for its thermal shock resistant property. This material is natural and is the main reason for the stone being so strong and durable, providing a longer life to the stone.


This rectangular Pizza stone comes with a length of 14.5 inches for a width of 16.5 inches.


The 8-inch thickness of the stone offers good heat it protection and less prone to cracking even at high temperature for batches of pizza making this thickness is very helpful as it retains greater heat and cooks faster.

Natural Clay:

Since cordierite is natural claystone, so is this pizza stone, as it is made up of Cordierite. There is no lead added while manufacturing the stone.

The rectangle in Shape:

The rectangular shape of the stone is responsible for even cooking and baking of the pizzas.

Built-in Feet:

The built-in feet feature of the stone comes handy while removing it from the oven and easy pickup, eliminating the chance of slipping off from the hand.


This pizza stone is relatively lighter in weight compared to its counterpart. It weighs around 10 pounds.

Easy Maintenance:

The Honey Can Do Old Stone Rectangle Pizza Stones are very easy to clean and main. All you need to do is rinse them off after use and air dry and they are all set to be used for the next time.


  • Durable
  • High-quality
  • Fair price
  • Ideal for family-sized pizza
  • Thermal resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Requires low maintenance
  • Absorbs heat faster
  • Raised edges at the bottom for easy pick-up


  • Discolors after sometime
  • Not good for baking cookies

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: Although the weight of the stone is not an issue while considering for dishwasher, the soapy water definitely is. As the stone is porous in nature, the soap water and other things present in the dishwasher will try to get into the pores of the stone. So the next time you use it it will smell of detergent and it will be difficult to use.

Ans: The stone should be hand washed with plain water, no detergent. After washing, air dry it so that the moisture gets removed from the pores of the stone. So simple is the cleaning and maintenance of this stone.

Ans: Baking cookies are something not recommended for this stone. The fat present in the dough will get into the pores and upon heating, it will emit a bad odor. So a strict no for cookies on this stone.

Ans: You can roast the veggies on the stone but place a parchment paper before adding your veggies coated with oil. In the case of non-oily veggies, you can directly use the stone.


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