How to Save Money on Maintaining Home Appliances

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Purchasing or renovating a home is exciting but costly. Buying the décor, furniture, and
appliances can be overwhelming at times. But if you know what you need and want, you can
save money. You can even do this when it comes to repairs and maintenance. Relying on
someone to repair your appliances can give you peace of mind. Below are some pointers on
how you can save money on getting, maintaining, and repairing your home appliances.

Getting a Comprehensive Home Warranty
Like you, many homeowners do not want stress while choosing the right appliances for their
new space. New appliances have warranties set by the manufacturers, but those usually only
last for a few years or so. There are also specifics on which parts of the appliance the warranty
will include. But what can you do to cover your appliances after the manufacturer warranties
run out?

An extended warranty will cover an item’s repairs or replacements after the manufacturer’s
warranty expires. An independent company offers this. Activating this means calling the
third-party company that offered it. Some extended warranty companies will tell you to mail the
appliance to them. Others have the option of sending someone to repair your appliances or
replace them. The coverage will depend on the specifics of the extended warranty contract.

You can avoid these headaches if you get a reliable home warranty policy. This will cover your
new appliances when the manufacturer’s warranties fail to do so. This will come at a cost, but it
still allows for greater peace of mind. You will not panic or feel helpless when a sudden
appliance breakdown happens. Most home warranties are easy on the pocket as well.

A home warranty is a service contract good for a year. Its coverage includes home systems and
major appliances. It is different from home insurance. A home warranty protects your budget
from sudden, covered repairs or breakdowns. Home insurance covers the damages to your
personal belongings and structures your home in the event of disastrous events.

The coverage of a home warranty varies, depending on what you choose to include in the
policy. Standard coverage will include your electrical system, furnace, water heater, plumbing,
and central air conditioning. Some warranty plans may also include a washer, refrigerator, dryer,
oven, and dishwasher. You can add your guest unit, pool, or spa as well. Read the home
warranty contract terms before signing up to know for sure what is covered.

What is the standard coverage fee? Most home warranties present a contract for either a
monthly fee or an annual fee. The only payment you will make beyond that is a service call fee
for someone to repair your appliances if a covered appliance breaks down within the terms of
the contract.

Having a home warranty on standby will be proof of how responsible you are as a homeowner.
This policy allows you to prepare for unexpected appliance and home system breakdowns. At
the same time, it protects your budget. All you need to do is pay the annual or monthly fee and
a service fee if anything malfunctions, which are minor expenses compared to the thousands
that a large system breakdown could otherwise cost you.

Making the Most Out of the Manufacturer Warranties
Big appliances often come with manufacturer warranties. These may cover limited issues, but
they can still be useful, especially since they are free with the purchase of the product. These
warranties only cover product defects. Your appliance will have coverage if the damage is the
manufacturer’s fault. What if the damage is the user’s fault? In this case, you will shoulder the
costs of repairs. Also, remember to keep in mind these warranties’ term limits.

Repairing Small Issues Right Away
It is easy to understand why most people ignore glitches in their appliances. Repairs mean
spending money. So, as long as the appliance is still functioning the way it is supposed to, it is
alright to delay the service call. This is an understandable mindset. Even so, it can lead to heftier
repair costs in the future.

A glitch sits in the appliance for as long as it can. Then, it develops into a more serious problem.
The situation is like a slight toothache. Ignoring it will only let the cavities grow. Then, a root
canal will be in your future. Worst case scenario will be tooth loss.

The same goes for your appliance. You might end up spending more than what a minor repair
could have cost. The saddest thing is that you might even end up with damage so great that
replacing the entire appliance would be the only solution. Doing these without a home
warranty can be devastating to your budget. The moment your new appliance shows a problem,
call your home warranty company to address it right away.

Cleaning Your Appliances as Often as Possible
Regular cleaning does wonders for the efficiency of an appliance. Washing machines,
refrigerators, freezers, and stoves are only some that need regular attention to stay optimal.
Dust, grime, or sludge accumulation force appliances to work harder than they should and then
break down faster.

Dirty appliances also need more energy to function. This will reflect on your utility bills.
Therefore, regular appliance cleaning not only ensures appliance longevity but also helps with
financial security. Investing in special cleaning tools can be good for your wallet in the long run.

Reading the user manual or searching online can help you find out the best way to clean a
specific appliance.

Setting a Budget
Preparing for the day your appliance breaks down is also a good way to keep your budget intact.
Putting aside a little each month can help with the repairs if an appliance breaks down. This
emergency fund can be three to six months of savings. Using this repair fund is ideal for sudden
appliance repairs that pop up unexpectedly and cannot wait any longer.

Being Mindful of How You Use Appliances
Using your appliances every day helps you perform your everyday chores easily. Refraining from
slamming an appliance’s doors or throwing its components in a corner will help prolong its life.
Carelessness and rough usage can cause small yet vital components to crack, chip, or fall off.

One example is when you use your washer and dryer. Slamming their lids may crack them. It
may even break the door switch or that tiny part that allows the lid to stay in place while the
washing or drying happens. As a responsible homemaker, using your appliances with gentleness
and mindfulness can make them last longer. Being considerate with your appliances can save
you hundreds of dollars in repairs. Remember, even if you have a home warranty, if the damage
is your doing, your repairs will not have coverage.

Preparing for the Technician
Some repair companies charge by the hour for labor. This is more than enough reason to do
your best to keep the repairs short and sweet. Preparing for the arrival of someone to repair
your appliances will allow this individual to go straight to the problem appliance and work right
away. Removing any distractions like kids and pets in the repair area can help speed up the

Taking away obstructions like large furniture, toys, and groceries can provide space for the
technician and make the process smoother. Staying in the repair area but keeping out of the
way while the technician works can make it easier for you to answer any questions about the
damage. You can also fill out any forms while the technician works on the appliance.

Cleaning Spills Up Right Away
Any type of spill on or near your appliance can damage the system. Spills may be granulated or
liquid. Either of them can get into your appliance and cause chaos. This may lead to the
replacement of an expensive part or even the entire appliance. This can make a large dent in
your budget if it is a large appliance. So, next time there’s a spill, clean it up right away.

Saving Money on Your Appliances and Home Systems Is Possible
You can have a steady budget and a functional home at the same time. Securing a home
warranty policy is one way to help keep your household going. Having this type of coverage
means you will not need to pay out-of-pocket for replacing a worn-down appliance or home
system. You can save not only money but also the stress of worrying about how you’ll pay for
any repairs, making a home warranty a great choice for many homeowners.