Kenmore Elite 95073 Induction Range Review

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If you are keen on cooking and want durable, high-quality induction range, but cleaning is your nightmare, we have the perfect appliance for you. Kenmore Elite 95073 Induction range model comes with a superb self-cleaning system. Furthermore, it has 4 burners, a pan detector and comes with a warranty. Lets learn more about this extraordinary appliance by Kenmore.

Kenmore Elite 95073 Induction Range Review

Key Features

Self-cleaning system

The engineers from Kenmore made sure that the lucky owners of the Elite 95073 model never get tired from cleaning this appliance. They developed an amazing self-cleaning system with several options. The cleaning programs last between 2 and 4 hours. You can choose your option based on how much time you have and the cleaning needs.

4 burners and a warmer

You can prepare several meals at the same time as this advanced induction range model by Kenmore comes with 4 burners and a warmer. Each burner is different in size. The warmer zone is perfect for keeping your meals warm while you prepare other dishes or for warming up the previously made meals you had kept in the fridge.

Pan detector

We love this model because it has absolutely everything one can want from an induction range. Pan detectors are definitely one of the most important features of these appliances. This model has very good, responsive pan sensors.

The induction range will start working after you place the pot/pan on the burner zone. Similarly, it shuts down after you remove the pot. The surrounding surface does not get warm.

1-year warranty

The manufacturer provided a 1-year warranty for this product. If you prefer, you can purchase the additional warranty from the manufacturer. This is a very smart decision as you will definitely want to use your appliance for a long time.

Stainless steel

The appliance is made of stainless steel. This guarantees many years of use, easy cleaning, and durability.


  • Has a self-clean system with 2-4 hours cleaning options
  • Convenient touchpad
  • Easy to use
  • Pan detector feature
  • Energy-efficient
  • Smooth surface
  • Easy to clean
  • Sleek design
  • Cool touch
  • Safe
  • Time-saving
  • Superb stainless steel
  • Quick cooking option
  • Has 4 burners and a warmer.


  • The surface is not stain-resistant
  • Fingerprints and stains are visible
  • It comes only as a product integrated with the oven.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer:No, this is not a slide-in model. Kenmore Elite 95073 is a freestanding induction smooth top type of appliance.

Answer:Yes, you can use cast iron cookware without any problems on this induction range.

Answer:The induction technology is a pretty advanced one. It is actually more energy-efficient than gas and electric energy-based technology. As this model has the pan detection sensors, it will work only while the pan is placed directly on the burner.

Additionally, the surrounding surfaces do not get warm. You are 100% safe from burns and there is no open flame.

Answer:Each type of cooktop has its pros and cons. Induction range is an advanced, sophisticated type of appliance. According to the research, statistics, critics, and the users, the induction range has numerous benefits when compared to gas cooktops.

First of all, it is more energy-efficient. Most of the models, including the Kenmore Elite 95073 come with a built-in pan detection sensor which activates the device only after the pan/pot is placed on the burner zone. As soon as you take it away, the process ends.

Secondly, the induction range is time-saving. It boils water and cooks your food faster than the gas cooktop.

Furthermore, it is safer than gas as there is no open flame, no risk of fire or burns.

In conclusion, we can say that the induction range is a better choice than gas.

Answer:This model has 2 high power burners, one medium, and one low power burner. Additionally, it has a warmer. This makes 5 burners total.


The Kenmore Elite 95073 model is the best choice for those who value the self-cleaning feature. It comes with several self-clean programs. Furthermore, it is equipped with the pan sensors, it has 4 burners and a warmer and it comes with a 1-year warranty.