Kitchen Mama One-Touch Electric Can Opener

Technology has changed our lives in a better way. With the introduction of embedded systems, it has become easier for us to just push a button and things will be ready. One such tool is Kitchen Mama One-Touch Electric Can Opener, which is one of the best electric can openers with one touch. This little tool has its own pros and cons. Let’s just go through them to understand the effectiveness of the product.

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Here’s our in-depth review of Kitchen Mama One-Touch Electric Can Opener

Expert Reviews of Kitchen Mama One-Touch Electric Can Opener

Our In-Depth Review

All you have it do is just attach your can to the electric can opener and just press the button. The tool will do its job and make sure your can lid is perfectly removed by giving a smoother edge. At times, you might see the edges are a little sharp (not too sharp) but most of the times the electric can opener does the job perfectly.

This is definitely the best option for many weak persons and people who are suffering from different physical disabilities will find this electric can opener to be one of the best just because of the one-touch button. Just a little bit of push is enough for this product even a child can handle this but it is not advised to let children near it.

This is so compact that you can carry this pocket dynamite anywhere and everywhere. You can keep it in your bag and take it for picnic or family outings. With an ergonomic design, it can fit perfectly in your hands and you can carry it like mobile as it is not heavy. Try it to feel it. It is really good.

With its tiny and light design, you might expect it to be placed at a high price. It is one of those most affordable products with an effective mechanism, which allows you to open the can. Even though the price is less it doesn’t feel cheap. One let down is it does not include batteries. Auto shutoff is a better solution for spilling and contamination.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To help you decide here are the most common asked questions.

Can you charge the device?

No. You cannot charge the device. It is completely battery operated. So you need to insert batteries to use the product. It does not have any charging ports.

Is this cable operated?

No. This is not a cable operated an electric can opener.

Are batteries included?

No. You have to buy batteries separately. You can buy batteries easily online. However, it is better if you go for some heavy duty batteries for longer operation. The manufacturer suggests the user use the alkaline batteries. It is better to follow the manufacturer recommended batteries as design specifications affect the power input.

Does this come with a warranty?

here is no warranty. As a result of that, you have to replace the product with a new one. It is a portable system. You will have a hard time when you try to open a #10 cab with this opener. It is hard to say. When the manufacturer does not provide any warranty then it is an indication that the product is vulnerable. It can last very long or it can die way too quickly. It is all about your luck and quality of the piece you get when you order. However, some of the sellers are providing a 1-year warranty. Contact the seller first before you buy them.

What type of battery is needed?

You need AA batteries. You need 4 of them.


Kitchen Mama One-Touch Electric Can Opener is sure is good deal if you are looking for one of the best  electric can openers. If you want to reviewer more electric can openers then Click here to view all our best electric can openers top picks.

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