Kitchener 9 inch Professional Electric Meat Deli Cheese Food Slicer

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Whether you are a homemaker or a professional chef, having a meat slicer in your kitchen will reduce your work and you will have a perfectly sliced Deli style meat in no time. Kitchener 9 inch Professional Electric Meat Deli Cheese Food Slicer is a versatile kitchen appliance and can be used to slice not only meat but all sorts of food items like bread, cheese, vegetables and fruits.

The powerful motor makes slicing an effortless experience delivering consistent slices of the same thickness. The following key features will help you decide to own this wonderful and very useful kitchen appliance.

Key Features

150 Watts Power Motor:

            This electric slicer is powered with a 150 Watts power motor. The Powerful motor makes slicing an easy experience. Moreover, it is energy efficient, meaning it consumes less electricity.

9 inch Universal Non-Serrated Blade:

The slicer comes with a 9 inch nonserrated blade made of stainless steel. The blade is removable which makes it easy to clean. The sharpness of the blade can cut through salami, bread and many other food items.

9 inch Bread Blade:

Along with the nonserrated blade of 9 inches, you receive another blade from the manufacturer of the same thickness, i.e., 9 inches, designed especially for slicing bread. This special blade will help you slice through the thick bread slab delivering bread slices of good finishing.

? inch thick slices:

For customized slicing, there is an adjustable thickness control knob which can cut the slices as thin as a ? inch, just like the deli slices.


This slicer weighs 14.66 pounds, making it super sleek and compact, convenient for your kitchen use.

Rubber Suction Cup Feet:

The rubber suction cup feet bring in the desired safety parameter by locking it up in place so that it doesn’t slip off while carrying out your slicing activity. The suction feet hold it very firmly in the place.


The slicer comes with a standard 1-year warranty. The manufacturer also has a 30-day return policy wherein you can return the product if it is defective or you are not happy with the functionality of the slicer.

Antimicrobial and FDA Approved:

This electric slicer passes the safety standards for usage for antimicrobial properties and is approved by the FDA.


  • Low noise
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Affordable price
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Smooth slicing
  • Premium coated steel
  • Highly versatile
  • Adjustable thickness knob
  • Compact design for effortless transportation and storage
  • Removable food pusher, food controller, food deflector and a thickness guide plate.
  • Rust- resistant


  • Non-serrated blade
  • Not powerful motor
  • Only for light duty use

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: It is very easy to clean the slicer by sliding the tilt trays, giving access to the base for cleaning. The detachable blades make the work really easy. Also for the long run, you must carefully follow the instructions given in the user manual.

Ans: The slicer is best suited for domestic purpose. Small cafe owners also can make it as a part of their kitchens.

Ans: The slicer comes with a 2 stainless steel, non serrated blades of 9-inch thickness. One of the two blades is, especially given for slicing bread.

Ans: The gears in the slicer are made up of plastic of good quality and strength supporting a 9-inch blade with a 150 Watts motor.

Ans: You may use it over the warm meat for slicing but not over hot ones. This meat slicer works best on the semi-frozen meats.

Ans: Yes, definitely the slicer can be used to slice the bacon if it is semi-frozen. Also, cut the bacon into half if the slab is big.


The solid yet compact Kitchener 9 inch Professional Electric Meat Deli Cheese Food Slicer is a value for money and the best electric slicer for your kitchen needs. The powerful motor, the sharp blades, safety features like rubber suction cup feet and to top it all, the FDA Approval for the safety make it one of the most desirable kitchen appliances. So Buy a Kitchener and be a Kitchener.