KRUPS KH734D TR1400SB best 4 slice toaster

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What do you expect in a toaster? It should be convenient to use, high precision, even toasting, and should have control options. KRUPS KH734D toaster can fulfill your expectations as its controller systems have better accuracy, gives good results, better design and you can toast four slices of bread in it at a time under different settings. Is this enough to consider this as the best 4 slice toaster? Read more to understand.

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Key Features

High-Quality Stainless Steel Housing

The toaster has a high quality Brushed and chrome finished stainless steel body, which makes this toaster a durable toaster. The structure is a little big but its overall shape and placement of different control systems and the slots are similar to most of the modern toasters. Better housing means better design and longevity.

It comes with six browning settings

Not everybody likes the same shade or brown texture on their toast. Some people prefer slightly brown with a softer feel in the mouth and some prefer the too crispy and dark brown texture. This toaster has six browning settings, which allows the user to set the texture to the desired level and get the perfect shade. First two settings for light brown, next four settings for medium brown and dark brown respectively.

Three controls for different toasts

KRUPS KH734D has four more control options at the front. Three of them are to select different types of toasts. The bagel button for a smooth and crispy texture, defrost is for perfect toasts and reheat for heating already prepared toasts. Cancel option is also helpful as you can cancel the process whenever you feel that toast is at the perfect stage.

High lift lever

This has become a common feature in almost all of the modern toasters. This toaster also has a similar design where the extra push button is provided, which will lift the toast from the slots a couple of centimeters higher than the original position. Generally, this is used for jammed toasts or bigger bread slices.

Large slots with wide angle

The slots provided on this toaster are large. They align themselves at the center as soon as the bread slice is inserted in it. This allows the users to insert all shapes of bread slices into the toaster. The self-centering feature also helps in reducing breakage in the toast and even heating of the slice surface.


  • The toasting results are consistent
  • Each side of this toaster has a dual control system design.
  • Warranty cover is provided.
  • Chrome finish is clean and it provides Stylish design.
  • Storage system and Cord retraction.
  • Wide spaced slot.
  • A trusted brand with quality service.
  • Easy to adjust Analog and digital controls.
  • LED indicators are provided for better selections and to track the progress.


  • Unexpectedly weighty.
  • Compared to similar models, power consumption is high.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, but one system is allocated for one pair of slots. The left one is for left slots and the right one is for right slots. It is placed at the back. It comes with two years warranty. 1500 watts. Yes, the LED indicators are provided but no buzzer or beeping. Yes, it has cord storage and winding of the cord is also easy. Reasons may be many. Some of the possible reasons are the circuit design, the material used, heat distribution rate, powerful coil, etc. It does exactly what you are asking for. One part of the slice will be heated according to your input and another part will be soft and smooth. There is no need unless you turn off the switch as surges and spikes may cause damages to the circuit.

Yes, you can as the toasting process is comparatively very fast in this toaster.


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