Krups Savoy Adjustable Temperature Kettle

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When you want to make coffee or tea you need a simple yet efficient device, which will reduce your workload considerably. A best electric tea Kettle will make the job easier for you and one such product you can find is Krups Savoy Adjustable Temperature Kettle. This tea Kettle might be a little expensive for your liking but it has better features compared to the lower end tea kettles.

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Key Features

Adjustable temperature

If you have a normal Kettle you might have experienced the problem of heat and sometimes due to this, you might find it difficult to brew your coffee or make your tea. Just by having an electric tea Kettle, which allows you to control the temperature, it is way too easy to control brewing rate and boiling speed. For example, some coffee needs to be cooked for a longer time to get a better taste. This Kettle is best for such purposes.

An LCD display with precision technology

Not many Kettles have LCD display the way this Kettle has. The display is very bright and it does not get affected by the heat generated by the Kettle itself. The precision technology of the Kettle can keep the temperature at the desired level with high accuracy. If the temperature is not precise then you might find your tea and coffee is not up to the mark.


Brushed stainless steel is a good material and this product has it. With this stainless steel design, it is expected that the durability of the Kettle is high if not very high. However, it looks that the manufacturer has mixed other material or have not used the right thickness of the stainless steel. It might be a calculated technology to give better heat conduction.

It has integrated the anti-scale filter

Filtering allows the users to pour the tea or coffee in a better manner without having any of the residues in your tea. Further, this electric Kettle has water filtering ability. When you pour the water into the Kettle, the filter will filter the water before it enters the Kettle. This gives a better taste.

Auto shut-off, 360-degree rotation base, and viewing window

Without auto shutoff function you might brew your coffee beyond its limit and tea can become a little bitter because of overcooking and hard-boiled water. Auto shutoff function will turn off the supply as soon as the water reaches boiling point. As it has a viewing window you can check the texture of your coffee or tea. Further, the Kettle has a base, which can be rotated 360 degrees.


  • It was Reasonably priced
  • It has five preset settings for temperature
  • Led screen
  • Very Attractive, and stylish design with good handle
  • Easy to pour and use


  • Durability is an issue as material thickness is not very high

Frequently Asked Questions

One year warranty from the manufacturer.

No. It has better insulation.

No. It is a Chinese production.

No. It does not.

Yes, it is very bright and large.

It is definitely smooth. Sometimes, you might find it a little bit of sticky because of residue on the base.

Yes. It is not only an electric efficient Kettle but it is also energy saving. Energy efficiency is the power conversion capability and energy saving is how it avoids consuming extra power.

When the Kettle becomes way too hot, the water reaches the boiling point, then the Kettle probe detects it and disconnects itself from the input supply giving you perfect protection from over boiling.

This Kettle can have 1.7 liters of water very easily. It is definitely high compared to its competitors.

It depends on your preference. This Kettle has a power rating of 1500 watts. For a decent electric Kettle, 1500 watts is more than enough.


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