Le Creuset Enamel-on-steel Zen Tea kettle

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Many people have this notion that there is nothing special one can do with a tea Kettle except for adding some electric automation or security features. If you look at the Le Creuset Enamel-on-steel Zen Tea kettle your notion will definitely change as it has so many features and can be rated as the best tea kettle in the range. What are the reasons, which makes this tea kettle premium one? We have reviewed the kettle in a brief manner.

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Key Features

Single tone role boiling point the Zenwhistle

With its unique design, the electric kettle has a loud enough whistle which will be activated as soon as the water reaches the rolling boiling point. It is better for coffee and tea making process as overly boiled water will not give the taste, which is given by the properly boiled water. This is the reason why many fail to understand why their coffee is not tasting right.

Stainless-steel rim and the heat resistance lid knob made from Phenolic

The rim of the electric tea kettle is a high-quality stainless steel rim with high arc shape for better structure balance. The lid knob has a phenolic coating and it is heated resistance. Even if you hold the knob you will not feel the heat on your hand. It is so well designed it feels really stable and balanced in the hand.

Durability is not a question at all

This electric kettle is made from the stainless steel material and the rim is of high-quality steel. The kettle has an enamel coating, which makes the cattle last long and stays lightweight at the same time. As the coating is pretty solid it will not chip off very easily. Rather, the longevity of the product is high.

Asian style arched Design with a generous base

The design of the product is really eye-catching as it looks very similar to to Aladdin’s magic lamp. With the high arched design of the handle, you can just pour the water out of the kettle without exerting much pressure on your hand. The ergonomic design helps in the easy lift and pour. On the kettle, you can see the capacity marking, which is a simple yet great feature. It has a generous base, which helps in easy and uniform heat conductivity.

All cooktop compatible and dishwasher safe

Le Creuset Enamel-on-steel Zen Tea kettle can be used on all cooktops be it be induction cooktop, stovetop, glass top, halogen, electric, etc. You can even wash and clean this electric kettle in the dishwasher. Even though it is a good feature but you should consider washing this electric kettle by your hands.


  • Ergonomic design with heat resistant curved fold-down handle
  • The whistle is loud with decent vibration
  • Flip open kettle spout
  • It can operate on any kind stove type, even the induction cooktop
  • Dishwasher safe
  • High Durability
  • Ten different colors available
  • Five-years of limited warranty from the manufacturer


  • It is Very expensive
  • Users reported dribbling while you pour
  • Even there was not much chipping but some users faced chipping issues

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. No. It does not have an auto-shutoff option. Yes, the handle swivels at 180 degrees. No. It has enamel coating and the material is stainless steel. No. It is not heavy at all. The size of the product is 1-5/8 quarts. Thailand and France. It has a five year warranty. This electric kettle has an enamel coating on the sides a well as inside the electric kettle. It gives the kettle better heat distribution effect and decent look. This is a universal electric kettle and you can use this kettle on any kind of cooktops even the ceramic or the induction cooktop.


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