LINKYO Electric Knife Sharpener

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A single stage knife sharpener is not a good option when you hand two stages or three stages of an electric knife sharpener. One such two-stage sharpener is LINKYO Electric Knife Sharpener and many users consider this electric sharpener as one among the best electric sharpener just because of its price. It has some good features in it. In this review article, you will see its pros and cons, which will help you in buying the product.

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Key Features

Two StageGood Quality Sharpener

A uni stage sharpener will not help you to sharpen all kinds of knives because different knives have a different angle of sharpening. This product comes with two stages and as a result of that, you can change the stage based on the knife angle. The first stage will sharpen the product and then rejuvenates it. The second stage will polish and hones the knife to give a smooth and bright finish.

It has Non-Slip Cup Holder

When the knife is inserted in the grinder, the tightness of the grinder results in better sharpening quality. If the cup does not hold the knife tightly, then there will be vibration and lose edge sharpening. As a result of this, the knife will not get sharp enough. The hard cup will help in achieving this result.

Built-in Sharp Stop Feature

Too much downward pressure on the knife will lead to breakage of the knife or even dull finish. But, because of the stop feature of this product, the blades stop from moving when there is higher downward pressure. It is not only a safety mechanism but it also increases the coverage area of blades.

Automatic Blade Position Design

If the blades are uniform and if they do not have any spring action, then it is expected that the sharpener will have less effect on the knives. As the blades automatically align themselves in this product there will be even force and grinding resulting in a faster and balanced sharpening effect.


  • Easy to use and clean
  • It Automatically adjusts the sharping angle
  • It is Safe and highly secure
  • Money to feature ratio is perfect. Value for your money spent
  • Heavy-duty blades with non-slip cup feet, which gives a firm grip
  • It includes a built-in stop blade feature to properly prevent any damages to the knife


  • It is Not waterproof
  • Not perfect for serrated blades or all kinds of scissors including ceramic scissors
  • It only works on USA voltage standards but not on EU standards

Frequently Asked Questions

No. That means it’ll cross 110 v and so it is a no. Yes. But only on thin scissors. It comes with a grinding stone. The only way is to contact service centers. You can easily sharpen your pocket knife. Yes. Little heavy as it weighs 2.6 pounds. If your country supports 110 v input supply then this can work perfectly. If the voltage level is not 110 you need some stabilizers, which will give 110 v. But, it is better you consider some other knife sharpener considering your input voltage. You can use most of the knives with a thickness below 4.4 mm. Even though the slot is slightly thicker than 4.4 mm but it is not recommended to use high thickness. As mentioned in the discussion, it is the primary reason stage of sharpening. It includes blades, which grinds the surface to sharpen the knives. Here, the blades will not perform honing or smoothing actions. The second stage does the honing and smoothing mechanism. It is not recommended to use the product on scissors. Scissors are sharp at angles and generally, they have bent design. You cannot sharpen your scissors because of the angle of grinding. Further, you cannot use the product on ceramic knives as well.


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