Lodge 12 Inch Cast Iron Skillet

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Cast Iron skillets are best for frying, cooking, saut, and searing purpose. But, finding an American made Skillet may be difficult. In the search of best cast, Iron Skillet made in America, many will land on to the product Lodge 12 Inch Cast Iron Skillet. With its long history of manufacturing household appliances, Lodge has gained many customers and it can be witnessed in their product quality. In this article, the center of attention is Lodge 12 inch Skillet.

Legend Cast Iron Skillet 12 Inch

Key Features

Top Quality Skillet

This Skillet is very thick and heavy. The Iron percentage is definitely higher and by the feel of it, this Skillet gives premium feel. The base is Circular and flat. The spouts are perfectly crafted to give better assistance to the chef while cooking.

It is a Versatile Skillet

Not all skillets allow you to fry, roast, bake, seer, season, cook, broil and base. This Skillet provides all of those features. The side lips have enough width with sharp ends, which helps in pouring the gravy onto the dish properly. It is even compatible with all kinds of cooktops, oven, and grill.


With a weight of 8.16 pounds, this 12 Inch Skillet has 2 inches of depth. The bottom part of the Skillet is very hard and thick. It has a very strong handle and heat withstanding capability is very high. This looks and feels like a commercial grade Skillet with commercial grade Iron.

Design and Trust

The design is classic in nature. It includes a flat base, which is really good. The side lips are carved perfectly without leaving too much of gap or width. Because of the company’s reputation in Skillet making, there is a sense of security. This security is not available in some Chinese made skillets.


Seasoning can be tricky at times as it takes time and skills to season a Skillet in a proper way. But, lodge Skillet is pre-seasoned and you can start to use it as frying pan from the first use. Seasoning of the Skillet is of high quality and it last longer.


  • Seasoned using thick oil
  • It is natural without any synthetic or chemical coating
  • Can be used on oven, grill, and stovetops.
  • Cleaning and caring are easy.
  • The Silicone handle of the Skillet protects Chef’s hands
  • It is priced under a reasonable range


  • There were Shipping glitches
  • Pre-seasoning might not last longer

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. It helps in roasting chicken easily as the Skillet holds the heat for longer periods of time. Further, the heat conduction is gradual. This type of heat conduction is best for roasting chicken.

Not really. As weight can have negative effects on the glass stove it is not recommended unless your glass stove can withstand 7.35 pounds of skillets on it.

Depth is around 2 inches. If you want to fry, cook and bake large volumes or is not suitable for you.

This Skillet has two handles. Both the handles are placed perfectly opposite to each other. The primary handle is strong with silicon protection. Secondary handle is not big.

No. There is no lid in the package. You will get a skillet and some documentation. If you are willing to buy a lid, you have to buy it separately. There are different types of lids available for this Skillet.

Baking cake is very easy in this cast iron Skillet. Because of its diameter, you can bake a decent enough cake.

Just wash the Skillet with hot water and a little bit of soap. Dry it and apply Canola oil.

At the top, the Skillet has 10.25 inches and at the bottom, it is 8 inches.

Yes. It is on the rougher side but not too rough.

No. It doesn’t have any chemical coating.


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