Matfer Bourgeat Frying Pan

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If you search for carbon steel frying pan on Mazon then you will see that MatferBourgeat Frying Pan is the best carbon steel pan with a higher rating and has a label Amazon choice. Now, we want to check whether it is what it says it is. Reviews are amazing but here we will try to check whether it is worth the price. We will try to keep it as brief as possible.


High Quality With Strong Steel

The steel is of top-notch quality. There is no doubt in it. It has a beautiful look to it and the gauge is on a balanced side. With 200 years of history, this French-made frying pan is definitely one of the best options.

Good Customer Service

The company provides good customer service. Why is it important? As the pans come with a longer warranty, it is important to have good customer service so that the users can easily replace the product.


We have no doubt that these are durable and can last longer. There are many different pans from the manufacturer but this one stands out. Even the handle looks good. As it is really heavy the durability factor is good.


The design is smooth with a flat handle. The handle is properly mounted on the pan. The outer diameter and inner diameter ratio are maintained properly. Further, the bottom finishing of the product is on the average side.

Nonstick Ability

As usual, you need to season properly to get the nonstick ability. It will take a little bit of time initially as the pan is on the thicker side. But if you use your seasoning skills you can turn this pan into a nonstick pan.


  • Availability of different sizes
  • Stir-frying and Flipping are easier
  • Strong handle
  • With time, Nonstick quality increases
  • Easy to season
  • There are no rivets so smooth finish inside
  • No wobbling and can withstand high heat
  • All Stove top compatible


  • Little bit Pricey
  • Heavy for sure

Frequently Asked Questions

It is plastic. All you need to do is take hot water and rinse the pan in it for three to four minutes. After that scrub it off.

You can use this on any cooktops available in the market.

Very quickly. If you have better seasoning skills, then your pan will be up and ready in no time.

If your pan is a new one, you can ask for the replacement. If not you can just rub the rusty part with rust remover or sandpaper. But do it gently. If you are not sure, then go for the scrubber. A light scrubber can easily remove the rust from the pan.

If you are buying 15 and 5/8 inches pan, then the handle length you will get will be 7 and 1/8 inches. I do not think it is small. Rather, I feel the handle is long enough. Even it is slightly longer for some.

No, there is no coating on it at all. It is a strong handle and I do not think it requires any coating.

As you season any other pan. You can use canola oil to season it better. Wash it, dry it, apply oil and keep it in a dry place.

No, there is no lid. You can buy a lid separately from the market as there are many.

This one for sure because of its quality. Even the design is better compared to DeBuyers. The handle is also of good quality. I recommend this one if its not too pricey for your liking.

Yes, it weighs around four pounds. But do not worry most of the carbon steel pans weigh this much.


Matfer Bourgeat Frying Pan is pricey but when it comes to quality it is definitely a good choice. The design is smooth with a sturdy handle. The best carbon steel pan if they reduce the price. The durability and nonstick aspects have no issues. It is definitely worth the tag Amazon choice because of its quality.