MauvielM’steel Black Steel Frying Pan

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Many people search for frying pans and their confusion level increases after seeing so many varieties. If you want to buy yourself a best carbon steel pan, it is really worth buying MauvielM’steel Black Steel Frying Pan for its features and affordability factor. To give you a better idea about the product we have reviewed the pan in a systematic order.


Black Steel with Good Conduction of Heat

If the frying pan does not conduct heat properly, it is not worth buying it. But, this frying pan has carbon steel and the heat conduction level is really good. The whole surface heats up really quickly and the curved surface also starts to get warmer in no time.


The pan is made with French technology. It has commercial grade quality steel and it can withstand high temperature very easily. With its remarkable searing and longer pre-heating ability, you can expect better durability compared to other products in the market.


The design is decent. You will not see any fancy features in it. The handle is placed with three punch nails and there is no extra side handle. The coating is Beeswax is used to prevent the pan from any rusting process and to give proper seasoning when you use over a period of time.

High-Density Material

As it uses high-density material in it, the thickness had to be maintained. They have maintained the thickness perfectly. Because of this, the odor is not present and your food feels not catch any of the metal odor be it be carbon iron smell or mixed smell of burning.

Naturally Nonstick

This is very important in any pan. If the pan takes too much time to become nonstick then it is not worth. But MauvielM’steel Black Steel Frying Pan has excellent nonstick property. With proper care, seasoning and washing, you will notice the results quickly.


  • Good conduction of heat
  • extra thick
  • Nonstick builds up with time and care
  • It has a lifetime guarantee only for the home use
  • Compatible with all kinds of stovetops
  • For durability and stability, it has Riveted steel handle
  • Easy to maintain as cleaning is not an issue
  • After the initial phase, seasoning becomes easier


  • Proper seasoning can be a little tricky initially
  • It has only one handle

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends as it is heavy. You can use it if your stove is strong enough.

My recommendation is to season it every time you use it.

Yes, it is. Do not worry about that.

All you need to do is clean the pan without applying too much force and wipe the water content properly. Once done oil the pan and store it in the dry place.

No, this pan does not come with those coatings. It uses Beeswax coating.

The manufacturer says that the pan is 3mm thick. But I think it is slightly on the lower side. Maybe from 2.6 to 3.0. Some users even said that the thickness is varying from 2.1 to 2.6.

It may be any of the following.
? The food residue.
? Breakage of nonstick coating because of hard rub.
? Maybe there is some rust (Unlikely).

Well, it is somewhere between 6.7 to 6.88 inch. It is relatively big compared to some other pans in the market.

Do not worry about that. It is made up of high-grade material. Yes, I too felt that it is on the lighter side but with time it became really dark. Now, I do not see any light or shiny texture to it but it is very smooth.

After the use, try to hand wash it with hot water or lukewarm water. Then wipe the pan properly and store in a dry place. You can use Canola oil for better seasoning.


MauvielM’steel Black Steel Frying Pan is definitely one of the best carbon steel pan and it is affordable as well. The pan gets darker over time and gets nonstick property pretty quickly. It does not have a secondary handle, which was a letdown. Design-wise it is decent and it has high durability steel.