Mercer Culinary Genesis Paring Knife

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You can count on Mercer Culinary Genesis forged paring knife to slice through your toughest cutting assignments. With a forged edge, secure grip and better construction, no other knife work harder and lasts longer than this versatile knife. The 3.5-inch blade allows for a firmer grip as well as better maneuverability on the toughest food items. Better still, you also enjoy a sterile cutting environment thanks to the rust-proof, non-corrosive and non-discoloration construction material. This knife works perfectly on the messiest of food without any sign of rust. When you need a reliable and dependable cutting implement to perform designer slices, trims, garnishes or chops on an assorted variety of fruits and vegetables, you can count on Mercer to deliver. So why is this knife basking in all the glory? Here are some reasons which props this multipurpose German made a brand blade to make it to the best paring knife.

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Key Features

Extreme temperature

One feature that makes this knife a precious knife is in its ability to withstand extreme heat. Whether you are planning on cutting the coldest cheese around or the hottest steak, Mercers level handedness in handling such tricky situation would amaze you.

Secure non-slip handle.

With a busy schedule around the kitchen, you probably lack time to clean up oily and greasy hands. Further, the surface may also be slippery with cooking fat. But have no worries. The securely constructed handle of this knife allows you a firm grip even with wet hands without the risk of the knife slipping off. The firm handle allows you to still commence on your cutting duties without putting your hands in a harms way. You still achieve the perfect cuts you desire without wasting time continually cleaning up.

Tampered ground edge

Still another significant characteristic of this knife is the tampered cutting edge made from fine quality ground composite materials. Appreciating the fact that a kitchen is a busy place and you may not have time for a regular sharpening of your knife, the knife’ edge is made strong and durable. Besides, the manufacturers of Mercer understand that continued sharpening eventually eats up the blade edge, hence reduce this likeliness That is why they have made the edge using the highest quality and durable materials around. An alloy of best quality carbon infused stainless steel. The unique blending technology ensures that the tip remains sharp and does not grind out even after several grinding.


This knife fits both the experimental duties of a casual cook as well as the demanding responsibilities of high flying chefs. Its durable and reliable. Anyone can handle it without the risk of cut due to secure handle. Further, its comfortable in shaky amateur hands and responsive to tried hands. With a sharp edge supported with a limited lifetime warranty, you can count on Mercer for all your cuts.


  • Ergonomic handle
  • Made from high carbon, stainless steel
  • High-quality German technology
  • Taper-ground edge


  • This product is only available within the USA and a few select countries.

Frequently Asked Questions

The handle is made out of patented German technology making it sturdy and reliable. Further, its forged into the blade to ensure a single continuous blade. The materials feature no stain and durable handle scientifically tested to balance in your hand. The handle casing is grooved and soft to ensure a firm grip even with a wet hand. These features provide the handles reliability and durability throughout the knifes lifespan.The blade quality is supported with a limited lifetime warranty. This means that if you use it as the instructions manual, you will enjoy a lifetime of reliable and constant after sale service. The knife weighs approximately 4 ounces.The knife measures 11.6 x 0.7 x 4.1 inch. Its blade is 3.5 inches.The knife is made of materials that withstand a great deal of temperature variance. The blade is sharp and reinforced to cut through a thick piece without bending easily. Furthermore, the construction technology and the well balanced overall ergonomics ensure that the knife does not break during cutting.


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