Morphy Richards 15-in-1 Multi Cooker Review

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If a modern and compact multi cooker is your preference, we think that Morphy Richards 15-in-1 model is the best option. This futuristic, lovely green and white multi cooker offers the amazing 15 food preparation devices in one! Let?s see what Morphy Richards prepared for your kitchen in this model.

Morphy Richards 15-in-1 Multi Cooker Review

Key Features

A 4-piece set

Morphy Richards 15-in-1 Multi Cooker comes with interesting and useful accessories designed specially to fulfill the cooking experience with this versatile device. You will get a convenient steam basket, perfect for preparing healthy food, a durable trivet for extra protection and safety, and a rice spoon useful for other types of food as well.

Non-stick surface

This model?s inner surface is made of a non-stick Teflon coating. You can prepare anything you like, even at high temperatures, without the risk of burning your food or dealing with sticky, hard-to-remove bits and stains. The non-stick surface is also very durable.

Easy to clean

Its round form and easy-to-clean interior and exterior surface ensure an effortless maintenance experience. Mild detergent, warm water, and a gentle sponge will be enough to remove all stains. Despite the fact that the parts of this device are not dishwasher-safe, cleaning is a piece of cake.

4L capacity

This model might not be the biggest one in the market, and compared to the 6L-capacity cookers it definitely takes less food and liquid. However, its 4L-capacity inner pot will satisfy the needs of an average family. It is good for preparing food for up to six people.

Aluminum base

Aluminum base cookware has the advantage of heating up somewhat quicker than the stainless-steel one. Furthermore, it provides better heat distribution. It evenly spreads the heat throughout the whole pot, successfully preventing the formation of hotspots. Additionally, thanks to its aluminum base, this cooker is rather lightweight.

Cool-touch technology

One of the best things about this multi-cooker is the fact that its outer surface does not heat up at all during the cooking process. All parts of its exterior are protected with the cool-touch technology for your safer and more pleasant handling of the device.


Here we come to the most important feature of the multi-cooker, according to many critics and users: the timer. Morphy Richards 15-in-1 model has a very convenient, 12-hour delay timer. You can set the device to the desired program, prepare your ingredients, choose the delay time and spend the rest of your day at work, shopping or doing anything else you like.

25 kg-weight

With its 4.25 kg-weight, this multi-cooker is considered lightweight. Additionally, being very portable and handy, it takes up a little bit of space in your kitchen. Its unconventional form will add a breath of fresh air to your kitchen interior design.


  • Has 10 pre-set programs
  • Is a 15-in-1 device
  • Has the manual mode option
  • Lovely, futuristic design
  • Has a timer
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Has a non-stick inner layer
  • Cool-touch.


  • The inner pot does not come with a handle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer:?Yes, this multi-cooker prepares excellent rice. It has a special, rice making the pre-set program. Simply add enough water, according to the amount of rice you are making and let the cooker do the job.

Answer:?It is not recommended to fry food in this multi-cooker. You can saut?, steam, make curries, desserts, stews, fish, soups, pasta, slow cook, sear, and pressure cook but not fry.

Answer:?Yes, Morphy Richards 15-in-1 multi cooker model comes with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Answer:?This model has an aluminum base and a Teflon, non-stick inside layer.

Answer:?Yes. Along with many other state-of-the-art technological solutions, this model has a pressure self-release valve. When the pressure reaches the critical point or if your food is ready, the multicooker releases the pressure automatically.

Answer:?No, this model is not suitable for canning.

Answer:?The capacity measures 4L. It is definitely enough for a 4-member family. Depending on the portions you prefer, it can be good for up to 6 people.


Morphy Richards 15-in-1 Multi Cooker is a state-of-the-art, handy and unusual multi cooker model. It is easy to clean, lightweight and versatile. Its 15 cooking programs will help you make all your food preparation ideas come true effortlessly, in no time.