Moving Soon? Here’s How to Protect Your Appliances During the Move

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Appliances are the most challenging items to move from one living space to another. Bringing your appliances with you will take some planning and effort. Part of the planning involved is packing your appliances the right way.

Hiring a trustworthy moving company to transport appliances to your new place can help make moving less stressful. Below are some valuable pointers on how to protect your appliances for your move. 

Have the Appliances Serviced Before Anything Else

Call in the professionals to make sure the appliances are in good working condition before you move them. You can ask your technician to clean the mechanisms and disconnect any connections to water or gas. This is for your safety, even if you already know what to do. A trustworthy moving company may be able to do all this for you, but be prepared to pay more for these services.

Preparing Your Appliances

It is crucial to prepare the appliances well before you pack and load them into your trustworthy moving company’s truck. Here are some specific details for every major appliance you may want to bring with you. 

  • Washing machine

Disconnecting the power as well as the input and output cords will ensure its stability. Keeping the doors open for a day will dry the interior. When the interior is dry enough, you can secure the cables in the unit. Taping the door shut and protecting the glass components with foam or cardboard will secure everything in place before the moving company loads it into the truck.

  • Refrigerator

Removing the contents of your refrigerator will reveal the corners in need of cleaning. You can place food items in a portable cooler. Leaving the door open will remove moisture. Taping the door and wrapping a flat rope around it will prevent the door from bursting open. Removing the handle (if possible) will prevent it from falling off during transit. 

Unplugging the fridge about 48 hours before the move will melt all the ice and remove moisture as well. Detaching all the racks and trays will prevent them from breaking inside the refrigerator during transit. 

  • Dryer

Turning off the power, cleaning the exterior, and scrubbing the lint screen will prevent any debris from causing abrasions during transit. Taping the door shut will secure it.

  • Dishwasher

First, remove the cables and turn the power off. Then, leaving the door open for a day will remove traces of moisture. Securing the internal racks in place with tape before placing the cables inside will keep everything secure. Taping the door shut will keep your fridge safe as your trustworthy moving company brings it to your new place.

  • Stove

Cleaning your stove’s exterior will remove the grease. This will make the stove easier to carry. Turning the power off will also stabilize the unit. A trustworthy moving company will know how to handle your stove, especially if it includes an oven. 

Removing the surface grates and racks will prevent them from hitting the glass door during transit. Taping the door shut will protect it from shattering during the move.

  • Small appliances

Wrapping the cords around the appliances and securing them with industrial plastic wrap will keep its components in place. Keeping them in one box with packing peanuts or foam will prevent them from bumping against each other during transit. 

Taking Proper Measurements

Before moving day, make sure to measure the major appliances and your main doorway. This is to make sure the movers can bring them out of your home without issue. Consider moving major appliances out through windows if they are too big for the front door. Taking measurements of your new home’s doors will also help the movers when they get there. 

Avoid Moving Appliances On Your Own 

You will need help in positioning your appliances in their proper locations in the new house. Large appliances will require more hands. Having will prevent you from dropping the appliance or hitting it against any hard surface. 

Proper equipment and tools such as gloves and dollies can help make moving appliances easier, too. A trustworthy moving company should have these tools on hand. 

Your Trustworthy Moving Company Can Help Protect Your Appliances During the Move

Large and small appliances need proper protection and handling. Preparing your appliances well will protect them before the move. Professionals from a trustworthy moving company can provide expert assistance in making sure that your major and minor appliances stay safe and secure. They know how to lift, carry, and place the appliances with care. 

With these experts, you can be confident about the good condition of your appliances when they arrive in your new home.