Nesco 8-inch Electric Skillet

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Not everyone is fond of big electric skillets. Some family prefers smaller skillets because of ready cooking options. One such best electric Skillet is Nesco 8-inch Electric Skillet as this is small but has many great features. With an 1800 watts capacity, it will surplus many of the modern electric skillets. As there are many users demanding a Skillet, which can perform all the necessary cooking operations, it will be a good choice.

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Key Features

An Allrounder

An electric Skillet should have additional features such as better nonstick properties, simmering ability, frying, baking steaming, and heat withstand abilities. This 8-inch Skillet has all of the above-stated needs and that too placed at decent priced with an above average design for sure.

Skillet with a Deep Interior

Smaller electric skillets have one major issue. That issue is the cooking area. If the cooking area is not sufficient enough then you will have a headache while cooking. With its wide area with a deep interior, you can cook your food without spilling. Even the lid has a proper bulged design leading to extra space for steaming and cooking.

Durability with Die Cast Aluminum

Durability is really important as the wattage level of this Skillet is at 1800 watts. If the Skillet has a weaker body then the heat conduction ability of the Skillet goes down considerably. With its die-cast aluminum body design you feel that the Skillet has better stability. It is difficult to say whether this is great or not but for time being it is good.


The pan comes with an aluminum body and a heat resistance handle. This is really great as the body of the Skillet is wide. The lid is transparent and made of tempered glass. The glass is really sturdy and it has a thermostat for hearing monitoring and control. Everything is placed with better design angles. However, because of widebody, even heating has a little problem.

Thermostat and Lid is Compatible with Dishwasher

The lid definitely compatible with the dishwasher but at times you will face issues when you try the whole Skillet for compatibility with dishwasher. The thermostat is of good quality and has better control options. They could have improved the placement and detachable option. It is good nevertheless.


  • With Small design it is lightweight
  • Perfect for singles, small families and in offices
  • Non-stick Pan surface
  • The Skillet lid has one safety vent on it
  • Easy to clean
  • The lid is dishwasher compatible


  • There are some heating elements but less
  • The Skillet itself is Not immersible and not dishwasher safe
  • Because of the thermostat, there are temperature control and management issues in this Skillet

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can but the product will have both Skillet and lid. It is around 2 meters. No there no such heating issue. Even though at times you may feel a slight warmth which is really great. The setting has five levels. You can choose the level based on your requirement. Of course, you can. The only condition is you should know how to use the thermostat for the better baking process. It is pretty much flat. You can even see the flatness of the surface and wide width at the. Middle has given a wider space for cooking. Oh yes. It is very light. No. Considering the size and price point it is feasible to expect an automatic shutoff mechanism. But, that was a big minus. Yes. The skillet has a nonstick interior with better design and wide cooking space. The manufacturer provides wattage rating as 1800 watts. Some may find this to be high but for better and faster cooking this wattage level is good.


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