Original Secura Stainless Steel Double Wall Electric Water Kettle

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How to choose an electric Kettle for daily use? Should you just buy the product based on features or based on user experience. There is no definite answer as features play a very high role in the actual user experience. Original Secura Stainless Steel Double Wall Electric Water Kettle is a perfect blend of both quality and features and as a result of that, it is in the list of best electric tea Kettle.

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Key Features

High Quality With 100% Pure Stainless Steel

Most of the electric kettles are made from 18/10 stainless steel, however, most of them use some kind of mixture stainless steel. This can even be seen in the premium stainless steel. As this Kettle has a complete metal body without even using 0.00001% plastic in it, it is definitely a high-quality electric steel Kettle.

It is free from chemicals and highly natural

This electric Kettle is BPA free and has a cooler exterior design. The Kettle might be heavy but it is solid. For better boiling effect and better heat conductivity, one should opt for a solid structure. This electric Kettle has that solid design along with unibody construction.

Highly efficient, Durable and has auto shutoff function

Every electric device should be energy efficient as they not only reduce the electric bill but also increases the durability of the product. As the product has cooling exterior and stainless steel interior with the right thickness the durability will be high. With auto shutoff feature, the Kettle will boil the water but as soon as boiling starts the Kettle will turn off the electric supply. Strix controller is used for the auto shutoff feature.

Faster boiling rate

Original Secura Stainless Steel Double Wall Electric Water Kettle comes with 1500 watt heating power, allowing you to transform Kettle boiling capacity to faster one. As 1500 watts is not too high you will not find it difficult to use this Kettle for a longer period of time if you are making a lot of coffee or tea.

Locking lid and availability of six colors

This Electric Kettle has a locking lid mechanism. This is great for any Kettle as it will have high stability and you will not spill the liquid. Even if the water is boiling the liquid will stay in the Kettle because of the lid. As there are six different colors, you can choose the color that suits your kitchen’s interior design.


  • 100% Stainless steel unibody design
  • No plastic used as a result of that, the water will be free from contamination r
  • Fun colors to opt from as there are six options (Black, purple, midnight black, orange, shiny red, and white)
  • Can keep the water warm for a long time
  • Automatic Strix shut off feature
  • Very affordable
  • Easily cleaned as the residue will not stick
  • BPA-Free exterior with Cool Touch response
  • Rust, peel off, corrosion and unnatural odor resistant Kettle
  • Two-year brand warranty with easy service


  • No step size temperature setting available
  • No water measure gauge is inside to know the level of water

Frequently Asked Questions

No. It is stainless steel.

Yes. Exterior part is plastic but the Kettle itself is a unibody stainless steel.

Chinese made.

The length is more than 2 meters and to be precise it is 2 meters and 11 inches.

No. There is no transparent window provided.

In liters, it is 1.7 and in quarts, it is 1.8.

No. It does not. Some users have reported that this has whistling when it gets a little older.

No. This does not have a whistle.

This product has 2 years warranty but you need to buy the original one to claim the warranty.

As it is a unibody design of stainless steel you rest assured that the quality of the handle is high.


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