Oster TSSTTRWFS-001 best 4 slice toaster

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Finding a performance driven and best 4 slice toaster can be a challenge if you are not sure about the features you are looking for. Oster TSSTTRWFS-001 toaster can be one of your choices as this is not only a performance driven toaster but it also has excellent design along with better control operations. What is the performance-driven toaster? It should toast the slice evenly in the fastest time with ease of operation.

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Key Features

Advanced toasting technology with wide slots

When you look at the slots, you can observe that the slots have enough width. The latching or self-adjusting capability of the slot allows the bread slice to go deep into the slot but retains its shape properly. The dual auto adjustment bread guide can handle all kinds of bread from homemade bread slices to the sandwich bread and English muffins.

Push buttons and shade setting dials

There are four push buttons. They are a bagel, pastry, frozen and the cancel. Based on your requirements, you can use these options. The shade setting dials allow the user to control the brown shade from light brown to dark brown in 7 different shade settings. Last two levels are for high shade and the first two are for light. Three to five are four medium toasting.

Retractable cord and storage

The power cord is placed at the back side of the toaster. This toaster has a compact size. On top of that, the cord can be pulled to connect to a switchboard. Once used just by removing the cord from the socket, retractable action can be activated. The storage place is huge enough to hold the cord efficiently.

Amazing Design with Perfect Integration

The design of this toaster includes a curvy year sleek design. The control units, power cord, slots, and other equipment are integrated in a compact manner so that the size of the toaster decrease but performance should be as it is. The front portion has controls and top portion has slots. A duct is provided at the back for the power cord.

Easy to use crumb tray

Crumb trays keep your kitchen clean by not allowing any kind of residue to fall on the floor or on the table. Its placement is perfect and it can be removed from the toaster. Because of this you can easily clean it and reinsert it. This tray can be even washed in the dishwasher as it is dishwasher safe.


  • Has the option to adjust the shade of the toast as you desire.
  • Produces a consistent toasting result.
  • Dual control system feature for each side of this toaster.
  • Includes extra-wide slot so that all kinds of bread and the pastry fit.
  • Has a control lever control dunking and the retrieving of your toast.
  • Crumb tray of the toaster is dishwasher safe.
  • Simple and very straightforward controlling interface.
  • Retractable power cord to minimize the total space.
  • Comes with company warranty guarantee.
  • Crumb tray is removable for a better cleaning experience.


  • Only one year Warranty.
  • The retraction system of the cord is sometimes faulty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it gives good results. Just pull it outside with a little bit of force. It is 2 and a half feet long. Check all the settings and power supply. If everything is fine the toaster is faulty. No. This toaster does not have any audible indicators. Just one year. This toaster does not work if you plug it into a 220 v supply. Rather it will burn. So use converters. Surprisingly it is pretty cool. Even though because of heat you might feel the surface getting a little warmer. No. This toaster has a high wattage level with the overall wattage rating of 1500 watts. Yes. This toaster is a Chinese made product. With one year warranty and its amazing performance, you should not worry about its quality.


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