OXO BREW Good Grips Classic Tea Kettle

With the trend in advanced electric kettles, the original classic designed kettles are disappearing. Many people feel that the tea or coffee brewed in the classic kettles will taste much better than the coffee brewed in electric Kettle. It is true as well as hard-boiled water does not give smoother taste. OXO BREW Good Grips Classic Tea Kettle the best tea Kettle if you are after simple, classic and elegant Kettle.

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Key Features

Brushed stainless steel

We have reviewed many tea kettles and each and every one of them use stainless steel with a smoother finish. Some have even used the coating for better results. This a nonelectric Kettle with brushed stainless steel. This gives the steel much-needed longevity and hardness. However, the material is not 100% stainless steel. As a result, some might see rusting if you have not maintained it well.

Large bottom with uniform heat conduction

When the bottom of a Kettle is large the cooking or boiling area also becomes large even though volume remains the same. As the bottom part of the Kettle will have a high percentage of water, the boiling rate will be high. Further, the heat conductivity will be even. As a result of this, the water will not become hard. Soft boiled water is always better than hard-boiled water.

Built-in whistle and a silicon handle

OXO BREW Good Grips Classic Tea Kettle has a built-in whistle at the front end of the Kettle along with an elongated pouring beak. As the handle has silicon grip, it will be really easy to hold and pour the water. Even the weight is perfect as it does not feel heavy when the Kettle is filled with the water completely.


The design is very classic with a Brushed finish to give a royal look to the Kettle. Ergonomic kind of pouring beak with heat safe curved handle looks really good. The bottom is pretty flat and the sides have declining curve design. The design is good even though there is not even a single aspect glamorized in it.    

Large lid with lid holder and easy cleaning option

The lid of the Kettle is large considering the size of the Kettle. This gives the Kettle much needed to space to pour the water as the top portion is narrow. As it has a simple design with a large lid, it gives enough opening so that you can clean it easily with your hands.


  • With Wide bottom design, the Kettle has the quick heating ability
  • Easy to pour the water into the Kettle and it has good interior Kettle visibility
  • Easy and comfortable drip-free pouring
  • High capacity with beak
  • Quality whistle mounted perfectly


  • Some reported rusting issues
  • If you have magnetic induction ranges, this is not compatible

Frequently Asked Questions

What grade stainless steel is used?

18/10 grade stainless steel is used for complete design.

Is there an issue of noise?

No. There is no issue related to noise but sometimes whistle loudness is not good.

Is there a Teflon coating on the inside surface?

No. There is no coating.

How to check whether the water is boiling or not?

Just place the spout cap on the spout and leave it. When the water reaches boiling point, the Kettle will make noise or whistle for a clear signal.

What is the base diameter?

This has a base of 8-inch diameter.

Is it 2 quarts Kettle?

It can hold up to 1.7 quarts.

This dishwasher safe right?

No. You need to wash this classic Kettle by yourself. Do not clean the Kettle in the dishwasher?

Does this have silicon protection and grip?

Yes, the handle has a silicon protection and grip, which is laminated on the handle for better comfort and safety.

How loud is a whistle sound?

Well, it is pretty loud as the chamber of the whistle is properly mounted to give loud noise. The whistle intensity also depends on the steam.

What about the auto shutoff feature?

In this Kettle, you will not get the auto shutoff feature as it, not an electric Kettle.


OXO BREW Good Grips Classic Tea Kettle
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For a better cup of coffee or tea, you should consider a nonelectric Kettle. As OXO BREW Good Grips Classic Tea Kettle has bettering design, easy to use the handle, a quality whistle and large Kettle area, this can be your best tea Kettle if there are no issues of rust. Overall, this is a well priced product with a classy look. Go for it if you like it.

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