Paderno Heavy Duty Carbon Steel Frying Pan

Finding a heavy duty frying pan is not that difficult anymore as there are many different types of frying pans. But, the question is, are they good? We have brought you one of the best carbon steel pan named Paderno Heavy Duty Carbon Steel Frying Pan. The pan comes with different sizes and the cost is also affordable. Now you might think about whether it can compete with the best of the best carbon steel frying pans. Let’s see whether it has what it takes.


Different Sizes for Different Purpose

One of the advantages of buying Paderno heavy duty frying pan is you can buy different sized pans. All of them look the same. You can buy the pan of size 7 7/8 inch to 19 5/8 inch pans. A total of 10 different sizes so you do not have to look for other smaller or bigger pans. You can buy the set.

Very Thick and Heavy Duty

This is one of the best carbon steel pans when it comes to the thickness. You can see the thickness and it is similar to DeBuyer pan. The thickness of the pan is around 3mm. That means it gets heat from a longer period of time and can withstand the high temperatures.


It is obvious from the thickness, isn’t it? With 3mm thickness the durability factor is not an issue at all. One thing to note is the handle. The handle is also sturdy and it can withstand the wait as it has a perfect gauge to it.


The design is not too attractive. Most of the plans are like this. There will be no fancy designing and coloring. The pan has a simple curved design with a flat handle. It has a disc-like texture to it and as a result of this, it looks good from the bottom.

Perfect for Seasoning

As you can expect a carbon steel frying pan should have the ability to season. How is the seasoning ability compared to another frying pan? Do not worry about that as the pan is similar to some of the top frying pans.


  • It Can withstand higher levels of heat
  • Can be used on different cooktops
  • Available in different sizes
  • Heat conduction is good
  • Very lightweight and easy to hold
  • Extremely affordable
  • Great for flipping and seasoning
  • Riveted steel handle provides better for durability and stability


  • Not suitable for dishwasher
  • The handle is flat and not comfortable

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use it on different Induction Cooktop?

Yes, there is no need to worry. You can use it very easily on the induction cooktop. The weight is high so you can even use it on glass tops.

Is it Chinese Pan?

No, do not get confused as some sites give wrong information. This pan is manufactured in PEI (Prince Edward Island) in Canada. Even if it was Chinese why do you worry if the quality is top notch?

Why is it so Shiny? Is there any coating?

It is steel. Technically carbon steel. Obviously, it will be shiny. It is shinier than some of the other frying pans but the quality is good. There is no coating. Most of the pans have coating especially Beeswax coating. But this one does not have any coating.

Can I use this pan in Oven?

Yes, you can use the pan in the oven. The handle is not that comfortable to hold. So use a strong and ruff cloth to hold the pan when it is in the oven or too hot. As the handle is also made of metal, you need a little protection.

How much it Weight?

It weighs somewhere between 4.4 pounds to 4.6 pounds. Some may have an exact weight of 4.5 as they have mentioned in the description.

Can I use the Cuisinart 9 lid on it?

Yes, most of the lids work well on this pan. All you need to do is measure the pan diameter and compare it with the lid.

How bad is the warping?

Yes, there is a little bit of warping but not much.

Is it any better than DeBuyer Pan?

Both are pretty much equal. Considering the price, you should decide.

Is there any mixture of other metals such as aluminum?

No, it is of Iron.

Does this have any lid?

No, You have to buy it separately.


Paderno Heavy Duty Carbon Steel Frying Pan is definitely one of the best carbon steel pan as it is very thick and has better heat conducting. The cost is also very less and you might consider buying them if you are okay with a flat handle.


Colin Matthews

Colin is an aspiring chef having completing his degree in culinary arts in California. His guilty pleasure is buying the latest & greatest (and sometimes, useless) in kitchen cookware and gadgets.

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