Polder THM-515 Thermometer Review

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With so many home cooking thermometers out there, one begins to imagine which one can satisfy their needs, affordable and quite easy to maintain. If you fall in that category, then the polder thm – 515 thermometers would probably be your choice. The one important ingredient, when creating candies or deep fry foods is to have precise temperature readings which the polder thm 515 possesses, a good thermometer for making sauces, yogurt, candy, and others. It is manufactured by one of the most stable and the oldest companies in the world, the Polder which means it can guarantee its customers ease of use of their products including the polder thm 515 thermometer.


Wide Temperature Range

The polder thm – 515 thermometer has a temperature range of 90f to 400f which makes it perfect for reading deep frying foods.

Well Insulated Handle For Safety

The handle of the polder thm – 515 thermometer is protected against electrical conducting which means it does not retain heat and perfectly fits your hand for a long time when checking the temperature of your cooking and protects your hand from burning while grasping it.

Easy-to-read Temperature

The temperature readings in the polder thermometer are body printed and demarcated into zones so that you may not need to strain your eyes or look for reading glasses when checking the readings of your candy, chocolate or yogurt.

Solid Built

The stainless steel construction of the thermometer is strongly built against rustproof which makes it perfect for wide range cooking even when frequently washed. It is durability also accounts for how strongly built the polder thm 515 thermometer is.


  • Conveniently Priced.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Includes well marked out temperature zones to help guide your candy making.
  • Easy to read scale.
  • Scale features both F and C.
  • Has a host of other applications.
  • Well insulated for easier handling around hot material.
  • Well-built and durable.
  • Easy and straightforward to use.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Comes fitted with clip attachments for convenience.
  • Easily portable due to its convenient size.
  • Comes from a well-respected manufacturer.


  • Unexpectedly Heavy.
  • Could have featured more temperature zones.
  • Scale markings can come off after repeated washing.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes, it can although it may have some problems adjusting to pans or pots with some curvature.

A: Yes, it is adjustable according to how deep you can go with it. It can slide up and down.

A: It ranges from 90f which is the lowest to 400f which is the highest.

A: The thermometer is not so portable due to its slight heaviness. However, you can still carry it around but not so comfortably.

A: Depending on how careful the user is, the thermometer can last you for a long time.

A: Yes, it can. The thermometer is about a foot long and can fit with pots of different heights.

A: You can get the polder thm 515 thermometer on eBay, Walmart, Amazons online stores and some malls.

A: It depends on the usage. If you wash the thermometer frequently on water, with time the numbers on the thermometer may start to fade. It is advisable not to wash it so often to prolong its life.

A: The handles of the polder thm 515 thermometer is insulated and protects the user from adverse effects of heat. So it can withstand hot temperatures.

A: The polder thm 515 thermometer has 6 temperatures zones marked for deep fry foods, thread, softball, hardball, soft Crack, and hard Crack.


When it comes to a considerable budget thermometer and a thermometer that can conveniently do the job well you need it to do, the polder thm 515 thermometer is for you. Its not a bad thermometer considering the pricing and the number of applications it has got. Budget wise and longevity wise, the polder thm 515 thermometer is ideal.