Presto 06620 11-inches Electric Skillet

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Finding the right sized Skillet is important as the size of the Skillet will determine your cooking quality, quantity, and management. For a small family or individuals, 8-inch electric Skillet will do the job. If the Skillet is more than 14*inch it may be too big. You might want 11-12 inch best electric Skillet if you are not sure and Presto 06620 11-inches Electric Skillet should be one of your options. We are saying this not just because of size but also because of its features.

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Key Features

High-Quality Allrounder

Presto 06620 11-inches Electric Skillet is definitely an all-rounder. Why are we stressing on the term Allrounder here? It is because with different cooking features you’ll find it very easy to cook your food even if it requires frying, simmering, baking and searing. The quality is really good for its price as the heat conduction is really above the optimal range.

It has an innovative EverNu cover

Cover or the lid of the electric Skillet should be of high quality as the heat of the Skillet will lead to breakage or crack on the cover. This new Skillet is very flexible and it is immune from any kind of wear tear, dents, bend, warp, or the peeling of the surface. This makes this Skillet really unique as very few manufacturers concentrate on this feature.

Durability with master heat control

Heat control will determine the quality of the food cooked. Some Chefs prefer a quality control process by adjusting heat based on the surrounding atmosphere and type of ingredients. Master heat control of the electric Skillet will give you even heating temperature, which will allow the food to cook at right heat.

DiamondCoat Deluxe Design with Nonstick

Having a nonstick electric Skillet is important but the nonstick property should last long and the technology used should be advanced and more reliable. Presto 06620 11-inches Electric Skillet has the DiamondCoat Deluxe design, which provides a high-quality nonstick ability to the Skillet.

North American Electric Standards

It is really important for electric components and device to get the right amount of power and voltage level. This Skillet is designed with North American standards with an input voltage of 120 v and 60 Hz for input frequency. So, it is safe to use this product anywhere in North America and places where the electric standard matches the American standards.


  • Mini in size and you can place this electric skillet anywhere in the kitchen with ease
  • It is Dishwasher safe, so very easy to wash and clean it
  • Temperature can reach up to 400 degrees with ease
  • Minimal assembly
  • This is affordable and Budget priced


  • With hard Metal lid, it is not possible to see through the lid
  • The lid placement is low, which is not good for chicken roasting
  • One year limited warranty is not that good

Frequently Asked Questions

No. There aren’t any. One of the best in the range. Not more than 12 inches. Yes. Both the lid and Skillet are sturdy. Somewhere around 3 inches. It is a little on the lower side but for a medium family, it is ok. Yes, you can bake the bread in it. All you need is a rack as it has a slightly wider design. Maximum temperature level is 400 degrees. It is an optimal level, which gives you better cooking control. By understanding the wattage you can understand power rating. The box says that this electric Skillet was designed with wattage level 1100 watts. This is slightly moderate. No. Cooking space is not as good as it should have been, even though it is an 11-inch Skillet. It is very hard but it does not have a transparent glass body. This is definitely a letdown.


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