Presto 06857 16-inches Electric Foldaway Skillet

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For a large family, you require a bigger electric Skillet. However, the main issue you might face is heat conduction and durability. A large Skillet should have large cooling space and better heat conductivity along with durable surface and base. Presto 06857 16-inches Electric Foldaway Skillet is one such best electric Skillet , which can offer most of the features needed by a chef.

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Key Features

High-Quality Cast Aluminum Phenolic

Car aluminum is really great and it allows the electric Skillet to have better conductivity. One of the major reason many manufacturers prefer cast aluminum is its lightweight property. With phenolic being present, the Skillet will have better thermostat capabilities. If the heat is not properly distributed the phenolic will help in even distribution of heat. This will further give you better cooking experience.

Heavy Cast Aluminum Base

The base needs to be thick so that the electric Skillet can withstand any kind of heat. This product has an aluminum base, which is really thick. This allows the Skillet to conduct heat and withstand high levels of temperature. The base has a flat design with a slight lift from the side.

Control Master heat control with tempered glass lid

When you want to cook the food and observe the food cooking then you should try Presto 06857 16-inches Electric Foldaway Skillet as it has high-quality tempered glass. The control master heat control feature is an added bonus. However, it is not right to say that it will automatically tune the heat.

The design is a major advantage

The design is an unconventional one with a rectangular shape design with high side walls for better cooking. It’s bad pour spout, removable thick base, beautiful looking black chrome finish and folded handles. The handles will not get affected by the heat as they stay cool throughout the cooking process.

Perfect Nonstick Electric Skillet

The inside surface of the Skillet is really good, however it looks slightly dull. It is good in terms of design, nonstick property, and the Deluxe surface. But, the nonstick coating may peel off or its effects may wear down from the sides. But, inside coating can last long. Considering the Deluxe surface you might expect this Skillet to last long to give you a better nonstick property. You need to take care of side coatings though.


  • The non-stick cooking base of the skillet is made up of cast aluminum and Deluxe coating
  • Heat resistant folded handles
  • Detachable, base, handle and the foot or lower part
  • It is easy to clean as it is Dishwasher safe
  • Energy efficient with 120 v and 60 Hz input supply standards
  • Large and deep-dish cooking pan with good space
  • Spoon Spout or the spatula holder is an added bonus
  • Tempered glass cover or lid
  • Versatile in nature as the tempered glass lid and the stay-cool fold handles helps in buffet services
  • Side ventilation is provided
  • Control Masterauto heat control option
  • Occupies decent space with a compact design
  • Reasonably priced electric Skillet


  • Some noisiness with whirring reported while cooking because of increased surface heat
  • Some users complained about the even heat distribution of heat in this Skillet
  • The nonstick coating is good but the continuous use for several years will definitely lead to a problem in nonstick property as food will stick to the surface
  • The non-stick Deluxe coating may flake off from the sides
  • With one year limited warranty you might be disappointed

Frequently Asked Questions

No. At max, it can reach 400.

No. There is no such option.

It is pretty flat and can be easily removed.

Yes. You can remove the pan from the base.

Hard to say. Probably no. But it has a Deluxe coating.

Not more than 2 3/4 inches

With 1500 watts it has 120 v input.


Yes, you can bake in this Skillet.

It has a heat control master. No thermostat.


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