Rubber Maid FGTHO550thermometer

Thermometer for an oven is important when you are cooking, baking and roasting. When there is no thermometer, it is difficult to assess the condition of your food. By having an oven thermometer such as Rubber Maid FGTHO550thermometer, your job becomes easier. As we are looking for the best oven thermometer, it is important to review different products based opinions, analysis of features and user experiences.

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Key Features

Commercial quality thermometer  

The Rubber Maid FGTHO550 thermometer is made of commercial grade stainless steel to give longer durability and better heat detection. With NSF certification, this thermometer has a better temperature rating. However, the stainless steel used could have been a little thicker on the bottom so that the base could have better stability.

Decent temperature range

An oven thermometer should have the ability to measure temperature from room temperature to 200-degree Celsius. This thermometer has a temperature measurement from 20-degree Celsius to 300-degree Celsius. It will be 60 degrees F to 580 degrees F. This temperature is static and allows you to cook or roast food, which needs to high-temperature monitoring.

Durability with stainless steel and glass finish

Stainless steel and high heat resistance glass make the Rubber Maid FGTHO550 thermometer durable. However, have a better thermometer base with better sturdiness, the longevity increases. One issue with the base is, it is not properly designed as the base is flat enough but slightly angled. Because of this, hanging becomes the most appropriate option. Not suitable for grills if the flames are high.

High accuracy and compact

The main feature of the Rubber Maid FGTHO550 thermometer is its accuracy. With the repeated test, the thermometer gave highly accurate results. The accuracy was high for both the hanging position or just by placing the thermometer in the oven. The accuracy level is little less when the total temperature is less than 20 degrees and the accuracy increases when the temperature increases.

Big dial with the shatterproof glass

Bigger dials will allow the users to see the dial markings clearly. The thermometer has a width of 4.55 inches and 2 inches long. The needle and the marks are bright enough with large indication both in degree Celsius and degree Fahrenheit. The shatterproof glass will keep the dial from cracking when the temperature is high.


  • Small, compact and easily portable.
  • Made of stainless steel, meaning it’s durable.
  • Noted for its high-level
  • The scale is clearly marked around the dial for easier reading.
  • Has a large, easy to read dial.
  • The scale comprises both °F and °C.
  • Can be either hung from an oven rack or placed on its sturdy base.
  • It is NSF approved.
  • The dial has a shatterproof lens.


  • No warranty included.
  • The base is not ideally suited to work on largely spaced oven racks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to calibrate it?
No. It is already calibrated at high accuracy.
Does the dial fluctuate?
Yes. Fluctuation is smooth.
What is the accuracy percentage?
Hard to tell. But for the kitchen, you will not face any issues.
Does the package include an external reader?
If you are talking about the external measurement reader or display then no.
Can I use it for other equipment?
Yes for all kitchen purposes.
Does this have a warranty?
No. There is no warranty.
The base looks very long and flat. Will this help or not?
This will definitely help as the flat base will allow the thermometer to stay in a place. It has its own disadvantage as well. One of them is, the flat base has a slight inclination. Because of this, the visibility will reduce if you are not looking at the dial from the correct angle.
Is it approved by NSF?
Yes, this thermometer is NSF approved.
Will it handle a temperature above 300 degrees.
This thermometer was designed to measure the temperature from 20-degree Celsius to 300-degree Celsius.
Can we hang the thermometer easily?
Yes. Sometimes if the oven is not big enough or there is not enough after the placing of food.


Rubber Maid FGTHO550thermometer
  • Editor's Rating


Rubber Maid FGTHO550thermometer is a budget thermometer. After analyzing the cost to feature ratios, it is better that the manufacturers reduce the overall cost. With dual markings with a clear distinction between two markings, it is easier to see the readings. With better material and the glass, there is no issue when it comes to durability. In a nutshell, it is a good product and can be one among the best oven thermometer.

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