SAKEN 3.5-inch Paring Knife with luxury pack

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When you want to undertake extremely delicate peeling chores on soft and slippery fruits, then you can consider the Saken 3.5 inch paring knife. The short blade and long handle offer a perfect incision to slice through thin skins without losing the precision fruit contents. The high carbon stainless steel blade is designed to be razor sharp for those exact mincing and garnishing tasks. Besides, the handling enables the knife works wonders with the sturdy and comfortable timber handle. So, whether you are an aspiring cooking enthusiast or a professional chef intend on awing the most discerning diners, make your cuts distinct using Saken 3.5 knife. So you may wonder – why do we praise this brand as the best paring knife? Continue reading for some more.

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Key Features:

Ultra-thin blade

The extremely slim blade allows you to skin shrimps and other seafood with minimum hand movement. When you take a casual look, it would appear as if the blade is actually gliding over the thin skin of the fish. However, this is precision with which the edge is made. The short blade stub of 3.5 inch further makes it ideal for peeling and mincing the smallest sized garlic without peeling off too much meat. The finely toothed blade with high carbon content accentuates the knife cutting functions. These substances prevent from becoming blunt even after chopping off hardy cobs.

Wooden handle.

Wood, in essence, is a poor conductor of heat. So whether you are working on a red-hot or an ice-cold food item, the temperature variance doesnt affect your hands. Besides, wooden handles offer a much better grip. Unlike the metal handles that are susceptible to temperature changes and plastics that are flimsy in some instances, the wooden handle of Saken knife aptly converts it onto perfect and comfortable cutlery.

Perfect gift item

The overall design of this knife brand makes it an ideal gift. The luxuriously crafted blade, comfortable handle, and reliable tang accentuate its beauty. Moreover, the robust assembling technology coupled with tough construction material elevates its practicality. But its the artfully crafted and expensive package box that makes this best paring knife a fantastic gift item. You can gift it to your daughter, daughter-in-law and anyone who is an avid cook.

Quality product

Saken is a well-known cutlery manufacturer in Germany. Its products are of high quality and manufactured under stringent standards. This knife brand is not an exception. Moreover, its smart design will allow you to relax, as the comfortable handle and ergonomic shape eliminate the wrist and hand fatigue. It is excellent for peeling fruit, cutting vegetables, mincing and segmenting items.

Versatile blade

The double bevel blade makes cutting a smooth adventure. Further, the 15-degree angle makes the knife a great incisor. Spiking an incision into the internal part of a fruit or vegetable is simplified by this blade arch. The blade construction comprises heavy density carbon stainless steel that maintains its sharpness for a long duration. Further, the blade isnt affected by discoloration or rust. These characteristics enhance the quality of the meal preparation as well as the hygiene situation.


  • Toughened and tampered cutting edge
  • Comes already packaged in a deluxe gift container
  • Convenient and comfortable knife size
  • Razor-sharp cutting edge and spiking tip


  • This knife is not safe for the dishwasher.

Frequently Asked Questions.

[mks_toggle title=”Whats is the size of the knife?” state=”close “]The knife measures 9.2 x 3.2 x 1.1 inches and weighs 8.8 ounce[mks_toggle title=”Can the knife perfect several roles?” state=”close “]Yes, the knife can peel, chop, mince, cut, hull and chip almost every food item imaginable with utter ease. Interestingly, it can slice on foodstuff of various thicknesses.[mks_toggle title=”Is the cutting edge tough enough?” state=”close “]The cutting edge of the knife consists of 55 Rockwell and hand sharpened for slicing thick, tough meat lions into razor thin slices.[mks_toggle title=”Does it have a warranty?” state=”close “]A limited lifetime warranty covers the knife. The warranty card comes included in the purchase box.[mks_toggle title=”Can professional cooks use it?” state=”close “]The knife fits well with the ambitions and hard work the professional chefs of every caliber faces. Whether they are sous chefs or gourmet chefs, this is the number choice for many busy hotel kitchens.


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