Saladmaster Oil Core Electric Skillet Model 7817

Only a premium quality electric Skillet will offer you perfect even heat distribution feature. The other product will give you even heat distribution but not the way Saladmaster Oil Core Electric Skillet Model 7817 gives and because of this, it is the best electric Skillet priced at a higher price with some interesting additional features.

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Best Saladmaster Oil Core Electric Skillet Review

Best Saladmaster Oil Core Electric Skillet Review

The Saladmaster brand is known for excellence and above all for durability. These products are built to last a lifetime and then some. The Vapo-Valve system locks in moisture allowing to maintain flavor, and cooking without butter, oils or fat if you so choose.

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Stainless Steel body with high-quality construction

The main advantage of buying a premium quality electric Skillet is the material they use in constructing the skillet. Stainless steel will transform your cooking ability if you are used to cooking in a cast aluminum electric Skillet. It can easily handle heat up to 400 degrees with step size varying from 250 degrees to 400 degrees.

Oil Core Construction

The inner core of the Skillet has an oil core which is best for even heat conduction. You will notice its effects immediately as food gets cooked evenly from all sides. Because of this, you need not to use the added thermostat for heat setting unless you want to lower the heat or increase the heat considerably.

Comes with electronic probe

Apart from the oil core, it has a temperature control electronic probe. With the help of this probe, you can easily set the heat level. It is nothing but a thermostat but with a different concept and design. Countdown timer also helps you to adjust your cooking time based on the preference. Even if you forget, it will remind you. Further, the product comes with off warm and the simmer option.

Strong Design with Vapo Value Closing

Saladmaster Oil Core Electric Skillet Model 7817 comes with a Vapor value vacuum heat technology, which builds a vacuum inside the cooking area for better steam and bake. The walls are strong but not too heavy. You can even remove the electric Skillet and separate it from the heat control unit.

Compatible with dishwasher

Hardly few electric skillets allow you to wash them in the dishwasher. This one has a detachable design, which allows you to clean them in the dishwasher. With complete immersion, it is very easy to clean and maintain the skillet. This feature further makes it a premium product.



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