Saladmaster Oil Core Electric Skillet Model 7817

Only a premium quality electric Skillet will offer you perfect even heat distribution feature. The other product will give you even heat distribution but not the way Saladmaster Oil Core Electric Skillet Model 7817 gives and because of this, it is the best electric Skillet priced at a higher price with some interesting additional features.

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Stainless Steel body with high-quality construction

The main advantage of buying a premium quality electric Skillet is the material they use in constructing the skillet. Stainless steel will transform your cooking ability if you are used to cooking in a cast aluminum electric Skillet. It can easily handle heat up to 400 degrees with step size varying from 250 degrees to 400 degrees.

Oil Core Construction

The inner core of the Skillet has an oil core which is best for even heat conduction. You will notice its effects immediately as food gets cooked evenly from all sides. Because of this, you need not to use the added thermostat for heat setting unless you want to lower the heat or increase the heat considerably.

Comes with electronic probe

Apart from the oil core, it has a temperature control electronic probe. With the help of this probe, you can easily set the heat level. It is nothing but a thermostat but with a different concept and design. Countdown timer also helps you to adjust your cooking time based on the preference. Even if you forget, it will remind you. Further, the product comes with off warm and the simmer option.

Strong Design with Vapo Value Closing

Saladmaster Oil Core Electric Skillet Model 7817 comes with a Vapor value vacuum heat technology, which builds a vacuum inside the cooking area for better steam and bake. The walls are strong but not too heavy. You can even remove the electric Skillet and separate it from the heat control unit.

Compatible with dishwasher

Hardly few electric skillets allow you to wash them in the dishwasher. This one has a detachable design, which allows you to clean them in the dishwasher. With complete immersion, it is very easy to clean and maintain the skillet. This feature further makes it a premium product.


  • “Oil core” inner construction disperses the heat in an even fashion throughout the electric skillet, providing a perfect cooking atmosphere for the food
  • The electronic probe has the adjustable setting and you can set precise temperatures in it
  • The countdown timer is given for convenience in cooking
  • Removable or detachable heat control feature allows you to clean the electric Skillet in a dishwasher
  • Made of a premium stainless steel material
  • Dishwasher safe with full immersion
  • He lifetime warranty is great
  • Heat control varies from 250 degrees to a maximum of 400 degrees
  • Controls on the skillet include three options, namely off, warm and the simmer position.
  • Vapor-valve vacuum closure system will create a semi-vacuum cooking space while you cook


  • It is very expensive with limited availability

Frequently Asked Questions

How to claim the warranty?

To claim the warranty, all you need to do is contact the Saladmaster service center. The package has contact information. Just call them for home service if it is available in your city.

How much is the inside area?

Even though this electric Skillet is of 11 inches, the inside cooking area is 9 1/2 inches.

Is this a 900-watt model?

Yes. It is a 900 watt model with oil core and heat control options.

What should be the voltage rating input?

120 v would do.

Can I buy tempered glass lid for this?

Yes. There are some options but you should check compatibility.

How strong is the lid?

Made from stainless steel. So very good quality.

Is this a classic product from Saladmaster?

Yes. It belongs to that category for sure.

Will this last long?

Yes, it does. Some of the customers are using the product from early 1987.

Is this an old model?

Kind of old model. The design is new with some good old quality with added hear control features.

Is this a genuine product?

Yes. You can check the serial number on the product to check its authenticity.


Saladmaster Oil Core Electric Skillet Model 7817
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Saladmaster Oil Core Electric Skillet Model 7817 is definitely the best electric Skillet with stainless steel as the main material. With a reduced price point, it can become a Skillet needed by everyone. One important factor is it is dishwasher safe. The features such as oil core, heat control, and the detachable design will make it a premium product. The cost could have been less but with a lifetime warranty it a decent buy.

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