Simply Calphalon Review: The Best Non-Stick Cookware For Durability

Calphalon is a kitchen utensil manufacturer known for its robust and well-built products. And the American cookware maker’s Simply is not an exception. The set of cookware is sturdy but also provides a uniform heating surface, stay-cool riveted handles, and highly-resistant glass material. There are various sets of non-stick cookware that enjoy a long usage time on the market. Meanwhile, when it comes to quality and price, nothing beats the Simply model’s durability! This Calphalon review will attempt to do justice to its amazing benefits in an analysis of its features, pros, and cons. In addition, you’ll have some ready-made answers to frequently asked questions by prospective buyers.

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The Best Non-Stick Cookware

It is most preferred due to its versatility and blade durability. Beswood 10, has distinctive features that are incomparable to the other slicers. Its outstanding features give an assurance of satisfaction and are best for both commercial and home use.

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The Simply Calphalon Non-Stick Cookware Set

Built with strong aluminum materials, the Simply Calphalon is a collection of 10 non-stick cookware pieces. Featuring a strong and smooth interior with multiple layers, each utensil has tempered glass covers. These lids are designed with stay-cool knobs for ease of handling.

This set fights wear in two different ways. First of all, the entire collection is made of specially anodized aluminum. The metal guarantees a high level of heat conduction, hence, allowing the pots to last longer.

Secondly, each cookware of the Simply set comes with a well-made double layer coating. The first layer works in a way to ensure that your meals do not stick to the cooking pan. Meanwhile, the second layer makes the cookware material to be actively resistant to all possible dents, perforation, and scratches. The latter keeps the interior protected, while the hard metal keeps the exterior safe. To add to its durability, this set is also backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This is in the form of a considerably extended 10-year warranty period.

Nonetheless, the Simply Calphalon Cookware Set is more than just a product with durability. They are strong enough to resist everything thrown at them. They are safe for use in the oven. And also, they can go through temperatures close to 230℃ or 450℉.

Even when you are distracted and let an empty pan heat on the stove over medium-high heat for 15 minutes or burn rice in a saucepan, the Simply Calphalon pans survive still. You can use the saucepot as a braiser in the oven with complete success. Each cookware in the set features a long handle that doesn’t heat at all and is comfortable to hold. In addition, they clean beautifully well. 

Social proof: What users are saying…

The positive 

Of course, longevity is one of the most sought after benefits in any home and kitchen appliance. Regarding this, verified users of this product like its non-sticking coating and its high durability. A few users commented that the price seems higher than other similar non-stick models. However, the fact is it’s still fairly priced, considering the sturdiness and longevity of the construction materials and the fact that it’s a premium product. However, contrary to what experts expected, users have no problem with the fact that they’re not dishwasher safe. Some users say they find handwashing the utensils more convenient and as effective as trying them out in the dishwasher.

The negative 

It’s worth noting that this set has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 on Amazon. This, however, is a testament to the fact that there aren’t many dissatisfied users of the product. Meanwhile, a few people complained about the set’s packaging. As complained by some customers, some pots came with a few dents and scratches. However, this should not be an issue since the utensils are backed by an extendable guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the quality or the state of the set when you got it, you can ask for a replacement. 

Things to Consider Before Buying a Non-Stick Cookware

First, the product is aimed at fairly large families. It is also meant for home cooks who love to make all dish-making happen at home, without having to buy the cookware piece by piece.

Below are things to put into consideration before buying the Simply Calphalon Non-Stick Set:

  1. The family capacity
  2. The durability
  3. The coating
  4. Warranty offers
  5. The handles
  6. Materials and coating
  7. Ease of cleaning
  8. The price

Why Should You Consider the Simply Calphalon

Here are a couple of outstanding features or benefits you could derive from a sparkling new set of Simply!

Number of pieces and pan sizes 

The set features 10 anodized aluminum cookware with tempered glass lids and riveted, easy to grip handles. In the set, there are two omelet pans (1x 8-in. and 1x 10-in.sizes), two covered saucepans (1x 1-qt. and 1x 2-qt.), one 3-qt. saute pan (covered), one 6-qt stockpot (covered), and four pieces of tempered glass covers.


Since aluminum is a good conductor of electricity, most non-stick cookware is made of this particular metal. And so does Simply Calphalon. However, it also means that the cookware may seem a bit heavy. But overall, the weight of the set is 19lbs, lightweight enough for a set of 10 cookware.


It is essential to determine whether the cookware you buy will last a long time or not. However, as we have already mentioned, the biggest upside of the Calphalon model is its durability. This is made possible by its hard non-stick aluminum material. In all, even after 5 years of use, this set will remain as if they are brand new. 


Iron, stainless steel, aluminum, or cast iron, which material is the best to have for a non-stick cookware? If you had to choose only one material among all those proposed, we recommend aluminum. Why? Because in addition to being an excellent heat conductor (for rapid and uniform diffusion), aluminum is also ultra-resistant. Mainly used for non-stick cookware, aluminum is durable and does not give a metallic taste to food. Finally, a practical and non-negligible element, aluminum is easily cleaned with dishwashing liquid.

Lightweight, very good conductor and contributing to its fair price, the aluminum material of the Simply Calphalon has many advantages. However, raw aluminum can spoil and spread in food, especially if it is acidic and in prolonged contact. However, the aluminum material in this cookware set is anodized. Thus, the risk of aluminum transfer into food is ZERO! You then benefit from a light utensil, which heats quickly and which is easy to maintain.

The aluminum material is solidified by a careful balance between temperature and pressure, or by anodization. This technique involves dipping the material in an acidic liquid. It passes an electric current through it to form a layer of aluminum oxide. The surface is thus harder, non-stick and resistant to metal utensils. Thanks to these two treatments, the cookware does not change color overuse. And, above all, it does not transfer into food.

In terms of solidity, the aluminum material of the model also adds other benefits from several technical processes that reinforce its robustness. So your aluminum-made Simply Calphalon cooking utensils will be with you as long as possible. For a longer service life, it is advisable to wash the utensils by hand and not in the dishwasher.


Although you can’t put this cookware through the dishwasher, it’s safer to hand wash it. In addition, the use of harsh cleaners is not recommended. This will void the product’s warranty.

Clean with lukewarm water and vinegar: One of the best ways to maintain your non-stick cookware is to clean it after each use. You should use lukewarm water and vinegar for this purpose. When you combine hot water and vinegar, all ingredients such as leftover cooking oil, etc. will easily leave the cookware and you will get the best results.

Note: Using a dishwasher for cleaning may seem simple. However, it’s best to avoid using a dishwasher when you want to clean your non-stick cookware. Some essential parts like the handle or even the main coating can weaken when you use a dishwasher in your non-stick cookware. Finally, with occasional help from Barkeeper’s Friend (a mildly abrasive stainless steel cleaner), you can keep it looking like new.


When you spend money on something, you will obviously want to make sure that you get the full value for every penny spent. When you invest in non-stick cookware, you will definitely want one that is of the best quality and is also able to give you the benefits for the maximum time. Users appreciate the fact that this set comes at an unbeatable price. There are products which are marketed at triple the price of the Simply when compared to other similar models made by Calphalon Cookware and its competitors.

Simply Caphalon FAQ

The Calphalon cookware composes the highest quality construction materials, aluminum. Having undergone anodization procedures, the cookware gets very reinforced, having better resistance and sturdiness. All these contribute to a long period of use and healthy usage.

The uses of aluminum materials in food appliances or utensils have gained rave reviews from health experts alike. This is because aluminum, aside from being a product that cannot be recommended for those with metal allergies, can seep into foods under high temperature. However, none of this is the case with Calphalon’s Simply set. This is because the aluminum material used in the making of the cookware is double-layered and has been well anodized. Hence, this optimizes its non-stickiness and, most importantly, its safety to human health.

According to Calphalon, the Simply set’s material, and two-layer coating doesn’t contain PFOA. PFOA is the abbreviation for perfluorooctanoic acid. It is a chemical compound used with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), another synthetic chemical compound. Cookware manufacturers use these in the manufacture of non-stick cookware coatings such as Teflon. These chemicals affect human growth, development, and reproductive system. Besides, they can damage the human liver.   

Calphalon Simply Non-Stick Cookware sets are utensils built to last. You can use the set in an oven, exposing them to high heat as high as 450℉. The tough aluminum design is really a factor that determines its sturdiness and, hence, longevity. The Calphalon cookware set are utensils designed to last for at least 7 to 10 years. At 5 years, you would discover that they will still be new, and the journey was just starting.

Calphalon issues lifetime warranty on most of its products. However, for the Simply non-stick set, you have a warranty period of 10 years. Not many utensil makers have the confidence of backing their products up with a warranty grace of up to a decade. But Calphalon does! This means, for the under $200 cookware, if, for example, one of the handles of the items breaks after 7 years of use, you will still be provided with a replacement.


As the Calphalon review has shown, the Simply Non-stick 10 Piece Cookware Set will be worth its weight in gold in any kitchen setup. As regarding safety and the question of health hazards, the set doesn’t send harmful chemical secretion into the food. This is because of its anodized aluminum set. On the side of durability and value for money, you’ll hardly find a non-stick model that is as durable. It’s also not lagging on the side of ergonomics. Featuring rivet handles that are easy to grip, the knobs and handles are holdable when the rest of the body is hot. In fact, the product has no hotspots. Best of all, it’s about ? the price of some other models. You may click here to check the product out on Amazon. You may also feel good about recommending this Simply cookware set to your foodie friends!

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