Solido Rectangle 14”x16” Pizza Stone

Want to flaunt your culinary skills and wow your friends and family with pizzas just like your favorite pizzeria, then Solido Rectangle 14” by 16” Pizza Stone is a kitchen appliance you must definitely own. The versatility of this stone allows you to bake not just pizzas but cookies and bread as well. Also, the stone can be used over a store in an oven or the grill or barbeque. The secret to baking the restaurant quality pizza is The Solido Pizza Stone. The Solido Pizza Stone, which is a Cordierite stone, comes with a Bonus Recipe ebook that can be handy for the chef inside you when you want to explore your culinary skills or impressed any guests. You will also receive a scrapper absolutely free with this amazing and versatile pizza stone. To know more about the Solido Rectangle 14” by 16” Pizza Stone, perfect for your oven, barbeque and grill, let us get to know about its key features first.

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Key Features:


The Solido Rectangle Pizza stones come in size of 14 inches by 16 inches giving plenty of room to all the toppings you want to add to your pizza, but at the same time, it can easily fit in any standard oven.

Rectangular Shape:

This pizza stone exclusively designs in a rectangular shape to provide larger exterior for baking of pizzas or other food items. Also, the rectangular shape gives more surface area for cooking compared to the round pizza stones or pans.

Thermal Shock Resistant:

The stone is thermal shock resistant as it is made of the durable Cordierite stone.

White to Light Brown in Color:

The Solido Pizza Stone comes in white to a light brown shade.

0.75-inch thickness:

The 0.75-inch thickness of the stone distributes the heat perfectly and bakes beautifully blistered and crunchy crusted pizzas.

Can withstand a temperature of 2000°F:

Since the stone is made up of Cordierite stone, the heat tolerance is as high as 2000°F, which is way beyond any grill or barbeque also.

Spiral design at the bottom:

The spiral design at the bottom of the stone definitely makes it look stylish but also comes with a very important function, the heat transfer. The unique spiral design makes the stone heat faster and retains more heat at the center of the stone, thus evenly baking the gourmet pies like pizzas, cookies or bread.


The weight of the stone is a bit on a higher side. It is weighing around 13 pounds.  


  • Highly versatile
  • Excellent quality
  • Fits well in a standard oven
  • Unique heat spiral design
  • Beautifully crafted feet
  • Heats up faster
  • Bigger surface area
  • Retains more heat at the center
  • Ideal for BBQ, grill, and oven


  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Discolors after sometime
  • Cannot be washed with detergents or soaps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the stone need seasoning before use?

Ans: The Solido Rectangle Pizza Stone is ready to use. It needs no seasoning prior to use as its surface is already smooth.

What is the highest temperature the stone can withstand?

Ans: This pizza stone can withstand a temperature as high as 2000°F.

Should the stone be preheated along with the oven?

Ans: Yes. You must place the stone inside the oven even before switching on so that the stone starts heating up the moment the oven is turned on.

What are the chances of this stone getting cracked?

Ans: The cordierite stone is very strong and durable and does not crack even at high temperatures. The chances of cracking to happen are only if it is being dropped. Otherwise, it can last for a lifetime.

How long does this stone take to get heated?

Ans: As the Solido Rectangle 14” by 16” inch is 0.75 inch in thickness, you must preheat for at least one hour ideally.

What are the cleaning instructions for this pizza stone?

Ans: The cleaning of this pizza stone is extremely simple. You can use a damp cloth to clean the surface after use, of course first allow it cool! Just in case the residue is stuck and not getting off, heat the stone more till residue can be scraped off with the help of a metal spatula.


SOLIDO Rectangular 14″x16″ – Perfect for Oven, BBQ, and Grill
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The Solido Rectangle Pizza Stone is the most versatile stone for all your gourmet pies like pizzas, pies, bread and cookies. Turn your kitchen into a professional pizzeria by owning this amazing appliance and bakes restaurant style pizzas at your home.

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