The Stanley Adventure Happy Hour Shaker and Four cups

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During your camping adventure, you might want to try something you have never done or that which you havent done for a while just for the fun part of it. With the Stanley Adventure Happy Hour Shaker, you can explore your cookery skills while out there in the wilderness. The shaker is designed to store adequate alcohol and hand-made cocktails for your sunset camping trips. The 18oz shaker comes with a strainer lid and a citrus reamer that will both simplify your beverage serving process. So, if youre looking for the best camping/backpacking cookware for your home, you should consider the Snow Stanley Adventure Happy Hour Shaker and Four cups.

As this item is made of stainless steel, it will never rust and will always be easy to clean because its surfaces are non-stick. As the entire appliance is able to pack as one parcel, all you have to do is grab it and leave. Being a compact product, the Stanley Adventure Happy Hour Shaker is extremely dependable. If you are a group of four backpackers going on a cool camping journey, this item is all you will need to buy.  It has earned a spot on our list of the best camping/backpacking cookware because of its unique construction that enables one to serve beverages.

The Stanley Adventure Happy Hour Shaker and Four cups

Here are the main pieces within this pack:

  • One 30oz shaker
  • One Citrus Reamer
  • One stainless steel strainer lid
  • Two, 7oz double wall-insulated rock glasses

Key Features

Nested system

This one-piece system conserves space when it fits snugly inside. It, therefore, allows you to pack and store the rest of the items easily and fast.

Juice Reamer

There is a built-in juice reamer that will be so useful when you decide to make your own cocktail beverages outdoors. Just being able to sip your favorite drink when you want while out there in the wilderness is an experience anyone would not want to miss.

Double Wall Rock glasses

One thing these have is a long life. The double wall rock glasses will keep your drinks cold and free from sweat. So they will always taste fresh no matter the time of day.

Steel Strainer Lid

This lid is designed to enable pouring the prepared liquids so you can strain them and have them just as you prefer. It is just a high-quality brand like Snow Stanley that can offer you this and more.

Rugged and durable

The stainless steel materials used to make this product and others are BPA-free and it will not rust. This means that the product can stay useful for several years.


  • It is a single piece nesting device. So it saves space, allowing you to pack everything else you might need.
  • This appliance for cooking is designed with the best BPA-free stainless steel material.
  • The item comes with insulated glass for serving
  • Having non-stick surfaces, the pieces are easy to make spotlessly clean after you are done with the cooking.


This unique piece is not designed for cooking typical meals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Once you make an order, the parcel that will be delivered to you will consist of four cups.

Answer: While you can put hot drinks in them, they are absolutely perfect when used for cold drinks.

Answer: No, the shaker lacks insulation. However, it fits well and will not pour your drink as the seal is tight.

Answer: No, it has a pretty strong locking mechanism and is surrounded by a rubber o ring.

Answer: No, it is not there. However, this is the best shaker I have ever owned as it does not leak or stick together. It is something I really treasure.

Answer: As they are double-walled cups, I dont see why you cannot use them that way.  If you dont take a lot of coffee, as these are not big inside, you can serve it in them.


We adore the bright finish and the fact that the parts nest together perfectly. This shaker can be put through different uses and is just right for those looking to do memorable camping adventures. It does not leak when being shaken or get stuck and these two puts it ahead of other similar products on the market. As it is a stainless steel shaker, you can expect it to last longer and satisfy your needs every time. So we highly recommend it.