T-fal Initiative C728SE Ceramic Non-stick, 14-piece Cookware Set Review

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The next time you look for a lightweight and quick cooking ceramic kitchenware, then consider the reputable and dependable T-fal Initiative C728SE Ceramic Nonstick 14-piece Cookware Set. Coming from the leaders of non-stick cooking technology, you naturally get a product made by an established cookware manufacturer. Although new, we are quick to review its characteristics and provide our assessment based on the sets features, performance, benefits, and drawback. The findings are detailed below:

T-fal Initiative C728SE Ceramic Non-stick, 14-piece Cookware Set Review

Key Features

Limited lifetime warranty

The critical element of this excellent cookware set is the limited lifetime warranty.

Massive savings

The product is designed to offer you saving from all angles. The impact-bonded back plate technology is used to encase aluminum bottom, thus protects the vessels from high heat. Further, the light aluminum material allows for fast heat transfer, meaning you start cooking immediately you turn on the fire. Besides, the walls are glossy to relay maximum heat all around the container, therefore, ensure a quick and uniform cooking. And that is not all. The non-stick inner allows fast food preparation, as well as quick and easy washing. In conclusion, you save energy, time, retain aroma, retain the flavor and maintain your set in the process.

Ergonomic design

Ergonomics is essential when dealing with hot containers. And for this reason, a lot of consideration is given to the configuration of each piece within the set as well as the blending of different parts together to function as a single unit. The depths, the looks, the handles, the widths and feel, accentuate the sets excellent performance. In summary, the sets ergonomics portrays a fresh look under intense heat.

Mess-free cooking experience

The smooth interior and exterior surfaces offer a sterile environment for cooking. There are no residues or burns to deal with. The silicone heat resistant handles facilitate firm handling of the pots. And the domed, airtight and transparent glass covers allow for easy inspection of the food preparation process. In the end, you enjoy a clean cooking experience free for spillages and burns. Essentially, you cook without messing at all.

Superb quality and materials

This set has lightweight yet robust units. Appropriate utensils are provided to ensure your cookware set remains scratch free even after extended use. The porcelain material, aluminum base, and non-stick casings allow for reliable performance and durability. Further, the different pots manage all kinds of food preparation baking, steaming, searing, boiling, simmering, and frying.

What is the shipping weight of the set?

The set weighs 12.1 pounds when packaged for shipping.


This 14-piece cookware set is ideal for preparing various meals. Cooking steaming baking and frying is made easy by using any of the suitable units. The set includes a covered stockpot, two different saucepans with lids, a covered saut pan, and two frying pans. Additionally, there are also four piece utensils.


  • Time-saving and easy to use.
  • Transparent lids.
  • Oven and dishwater complaint
  • Easy-to-pour design.
  • Robust and durable items.
  • Handles have hanging holes, hence saves space
  • Versatile for various dishes and cooking processes.
  • Have two color codes gold and black.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.


  • Not induction plate friendly.
  • Shipped within the USA only.
  • Limited lifetime warranty excludes dishwasher damages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer:It is not suitable for use on an induction cooktop-safe.

Answer:The set has an impact-bonded aluminum base and a non-stick inner film over ceramic. The outer part is smooth porcelain. The handles are made of silicone brazed to the vessels body by stainless steel brackets.

Answer:This set is oven-safe up to a maximum allowed temperature is 570 degrees Fahrenheit.

Answer:You dont need any special utensils to stir the contents in the pots. You can use bamboo, wooden, rubber, plastic, or silicone utensils. But you shouldnt use any metals due to possible scratching.

Answer:Yes, the lids also function inside the oven. It is safe to use them up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Answer:The set has 14 pieces. The parts include; a covered stockpot of 5 quarts capacity, two covered saucepans (2-quarts and 1-quarts), a covered saut pan with a 3-quart capacity. Additionally, there are two frying pans (11-inch and 10-inch) and egg wonder frying pan. Four silicone utensils complete the set.


The all-new T-fal Initiative ceramic cookware set is robust and backed by an experienced manufacturer, renowned for quality cookware. This 14-piece cookware set is following its predecessors success in delivering exemplary kitchen performance.