Taylor Classic 5932 Series Oven Thermometer

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When you search for thermometers you will find thermometers with high range. Some of them can measure from 50 degrees to 500 degree Celsius. Some of them can measure more than 500 degree Celsius. Taylor Classic 5932 Series Oven Thermometer is a thermometer, which has a lower range, which can detect temperature from 100 degrees to 600 degree Celsius. What is the reason we are reviewing such high range product? It is because you will not see such a range in a normal oven thermometer. Because of that reason, it is one of the best oven thermometer, which can detect a very high temperature.

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Key Features

Measurements temperature either side of the zero

When you about to freeze something and then wants to roast the food or cook then you need two thermometers. One for negative temperature and another one is a positive temperature. This thermometer has two models. Model of 5924. The range of 5932 varies from 100 degrees C to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

Durable stainless steel design

Taylor Classic 5932 Series Oven Thermometer is made from the stainless steel and the quality of the steel is good for the price. Further, it is NSF approved as so many other oven temperatures. With markings of both degree Celsius and degree Fahrenheit, anyone can read it very easily. The design is classic with shiny steel.

Large in the 3.25-inch dial

With large dial, which measures at 3.25 inches, this thermometer has better markings. They are visible from a far distance. Far distance is nothing but a few meters. You can see the needle and can guess the readings from a distance, even if you can’t see the marking. It is simple to read and interpret.

The design is classic with hanging and placing design

The Taylor Classic 5932 Series Oven Thermometer is pretty flat at the bottom and it has a very sleek design, unlike other thermometers. This thermometer has a hanger and base do either you can just place them in the oven or hang in the grill. As this has a negative temperature detection model as well you can use it for fridge temperature measurement as well.

Anti-corrosion property and affordable

This is a strong and durable thermometer with Anti-corrosion property. This means the cost of the thermometer will be very high. However, the cost of the thermometer is less or affordable. They could have provided the warranty for the thermometer to attract more customers.


  • Features both C and F temperature scales.
  • Features a 3.25-inch dial display conveniently sized.
  • The temperature markings and calibration are highly vivid.
  • High-temperature ranges up to a sufficient 600 degrees F.
  • NSF certified.
  • Stainless steel finish body for high durability and has anti-corrosion property.
  • Good and solid base, which allows for better placement on the oven racks.
  • Light and portable.


  • Not waterproof.
  • Occasional inaccuracies were reported.
  • Occasional pointer deflection and failure.
  • No warranty or guarantees.

Frequently Asked Questions

[mks_toggle title=”Does the base wobble?” state=”close “]No. It is very solid.[mks_toggle title=” Is it waterproof?” state=”close “] No.[mks_toggle title=”How accurate is the measurement?” state=”close “]Sometimes it gives measurements, which are a couple of degrees off from the actual temperature.[mks_toggle title=”Can I use this in the fridge?” state=”close “]No. As the lower temperature detection is 100 degrees it is not useful for the fridge. Buy a thermometer with positive and negative measurement ratings.[mks_toggle title=”Is there any coating?” state=”close “]No. It is made-to-order of stainless steel so no coating on it.[mks_toggle title=”Does this have a chain to hang?” state=”close “]Yes.[mks_toggle title=”Does this have both Celsius and degree Fahrenheit markings!?” state=”close “]Yes. It has both the markings marked perfectly with large and clearly visible lines. Even you can distinguish the two markings from a distance.[mks_toggle title=”What is the range it can detect easily?” state=”close “]The lower detection range is 100 degrees. This could have been less but higher temperature detection range is 600 degrees, which is really good.[mks_toggle title=”Is it safe to leave the thermometer in the oven?” state=”close “]Yes. You can leave it as long as you want. With its glass protection and stainless steel body, it can withstand the heat.[mks_toggle title=”Is there a warranty?” state=”close “]No. The manufacturer has not provided any warranty. They should have provided at least one year warranty.


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